Monday, September 19, 2016

Second Hand Style

I'm probably the queen of second hand style.  I have it in every room of my house, and also at the lake house.  I recently walked through the house snapping photos to share with you of how I use my "second hand" goodies to decorate.

Five fingered vase, found at GW.  It's the second one I've found there, and the first one I've seen in solid white.

 Sweet blue bird vase (Good Will)  Notice the crazing?  It's unmarked, but I believe it to be very old.

I'm a sucker for old stools, doilies, and books.

 second hand book and bowl

second hand candle sticks~ I've been finding these everywhere, but mostly Good Will.
 second hand bottles, frame, shutters

 Second hand pillow, chair, and desk

 Second hand, everything here, except supplies and calculator

Every item you see here is second hand except the pink roses in the vintage bowl.

Second hand throw, pillows.  Adding the throw ($1.93, GW, brings out the colors in my new curtains.

Second hand table.  I only gave $29.99 for this wonderful table!

Second hand pillow and chair

 Second hand pictures (Good Will, of course)

All pieces, second hand, except the white cake pedestal, an old KMart find.
second hand chair, pillow

You can see that I love using second hand items in my home. For the most part, they are better made.  They are interesting, like the seat in this old chair ($3.93 at, you guessed it, GW).

You can let your imagination run wild, and make cute displays using old things.  Like the chair, decorated with fall colors, and it completes the wall vignette I have here. The roosters on the shelf and the plant are the only items in this photo that are not second hand.

My friend was once called the "queen of clutter".  I think I may have taken that title from her at this point.  :)

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