Sunday, September 4, 2016

Simple Painting Project

I shared this bed tray with you recently, that I found at Good Will.  I knew I would give it a makeover.  Yesterday, my husband had to be away for a few hours, so it seemed like a good time to do a small project.

I didn't have any chalk paint, so I made my own from white acrylic paint and plaster of paris both of which I had on hand.

I printed a graphic from Graphic Fairy to put on the top, although my patience wouldn't let me wait enough time for it to look its best, but it's ok.

I painted it and let that dry, then used a sanding block to rough it up in places where it would normally wear.

 The graphic is "Count Your Blessings".  I had to free hand parts of some of the letters because my impatience caused me to try to finish it up too quickly.  But that's how I roll, so yada, yada.

I used mod podge to transfer the graphic, and the instructions were to wait over night to remove the excess paper.  Phew, that is waaaay too long for me to wait.  I might have waited over 1/2 hour!!  No kidding!  I'm like that.  I want it done.......NOW!

Anyway, I think it looks better with the graphic and paint, so I'm happy.

I added a novel, flower, and a cup for coffee or tea.

Easy project, easy style!

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