Friday, September 2, 2016

Things I Couldn't Resist

I've been hitting the Good Will way too often, and have a BUNCH of new stuff to show you.  I absolutely have to have a yard sale before cold weather gets here because I have too much stuff.  Not any of my latest items will be for sale, but some of those 20+ bins in the basement are going to have to GO!!

Here are the items I've gotten recently.

This is one of my favorite items ever!!

The back says it is the artists first painting lesson in 1975.  It is beautifully done, and looks great.  These photos don't show the true color of the frame.  it is a medium brown wood, not at all gold.  I still don't quite understand my new camera, so bear with me til I get it figured out.

I carried this around with me one day, then put it back, but it was still there the next time I went, so I bought it.  Here's how it is being used.

It's part of a fall vignette on the coffee table.

I think this could be used on a desk to hold mail, but I'm using it to hold a hand towel in the guest bath.

This may get a makeover, but I wanted you to see it.  I may paint it white, and put a french graphic on it at some point. It sits on the guest bed.

I thought this was the cutest pitcher/teapot.  I love the colors, but man it was dirty!  It does make a great flower pot for fall though.

It's in the sunroom.

Another pitcher, reminds me of delft, but it is unmarked.

Another lovely picture, in the sunroom.

I like how it works with this display.

Found this biscotti jar, but I'm using it for long grain rice.

Had to get this for the monogram, and it will work well in the blue guest bath.

Found this topiary.  It has poinsettias, but the colors make it hard to tell.  It will make a great piece for Christmas decor.

I don't believe this is milk-glass but I loved the shape, and it's white, so it works in my cabinet.

So, I've found a number of pretties recently, too many in fact, but some things just shouldn't be left in the store, especially the painting!  It is just lovely.

Take care, have a nice long weekend, and happy shopping!!

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