Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Thrifting Finds

I made it to Good Will Tuesday for Sr. Discount day, and found some nice items that I bought.

My favorite find is this picture, which I hung in the sun room, but I'm sure it will travel through the house at some point.

I found one curtain panel, and since I like having narrow panels in the dining room with lots of sheers, I have already split it down the center, hemmed the sides and hung them.  They are a little short so I have to come up with something to add to the bottom for length, but I like the way they look.  Til I decide what I'm going to do, I've hidden the shortness by strategically placing the tea cart, and moved my blue table to the other side to hide the other panel.  

later:  I remembered an off white panel I bought a while back at GW, and used it to make these longer.  I cut 18" off the bottom of that panel, which saved time and work because I could use the hem, plus it had weights in the hem, so it was a win-win.  I split it in half to 25" for each panel, put a small hem around the top and one side.  Then I attached it to the print panel just even with the top of that hem.   This made the 18"  piece the perfect extension to the panel. They barely skim the floor.  Right now they are just pinned on.  I will attach with the sewing machine when I can.

This piece is ceramic, and can be used in several places in the house.  I just propped it on this easel to photograph it.

I bought 2 huge scarves.  They'll be used as a runner, and the black/orange will make a great backdrop for photos, and will also work as a table topper.  (I wrapped it around a pillow, and it covered it perfectly).

The metal bowl is made from 2 different pieces that happen to work together.  I might spray paint them black.  This makes a perfect spot for these small pumpkins from the farmers market.

This faux wood bowl will get a makeover, but I love the harvest themed engravings. Each side has a different fruit or veggie. It is marked, "made for FTD", and seems to be a hard acrylic type product.  I was thinking it probable held a green plant, or a dish garden.  Once I upgrade it, I'll probably do a small arrangement in it. 

That's all folks!  Total, $19.38.

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