Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tutorial For Making Fabric Pumpkins

You might already know how to make fabric pumpkins, but if you don't, this is how I made some for this year's fall decor.

First gather your materials:
1.  fabric remnants in colors you want to use.  
2.  scissors
3.  A plate or other round object
4.  Sharpie
5.  glue gun
6.  glue sticks
7.  bits & bobs ie., leaves, flowers or other ornamental items to decorate your pumpkins
8.  brown craft paper or brown paper  for making pumpkin stems
9.  batting or plastic bags to stuff pumpkins
10. needle and thread

1.  Lay your fabric face down on cutting surface.  

2.  Place your plate face down on the fabric
3.  Draw around the plate with the sharpie making a circle

4.  Cut the circle of fabric out, using the sharpie line to guide you.
5.  Thread needle, and run a basting stitch all the way around the edge of the fabric circle
6.  Once you have the basting thread, tighten the thread to form a ball shaped form with fabric.

7.  Stuff the fabric with batting or whatever you are using 

8.  Pull the top nice and tight, to close the top as much as possible.
9.  Cut a piece of the brown paper, and twist it as shown below. You can make it whatever length you wish.

10. Glue one end into the small hole left after tightening the top of the pumpkin.
11.  Decorate as you wish using glue gun to adhere items.

Here I used a scrap of deco mesh, and leaves from a garland I've had for a long time.

the toile was bought for literally pennies at a yard sale.
Continue with these steps making whatever colors you want.
This one has a couple of leaves glued on and twine tied around the stem.

I had a large remnant of black velvet, and made 3 larger pumpkins from it.  I used a large bowl to get the bigger circle on fabric.

These flowers came from some old potpourri I bought at consignment shop last year.

This pumpkin was bought at an antique store last year.  

In a couple of hours, I had made five pumpkins.  You don't have to spend lots of money to have fabric pumpkins.  Use what you have on hand as I did, and get them practically free. 

For this project, I already had everything, so I just gathered what I had together, and made them myself.

The velvet fabric was easiest to work with, and went much quicker than the gold one especially!  That fabric was very hard feeling, and took forever!  It was hard to get the needle through.

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