Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fabulous Finds at Good Will

I checked out our GW on Sr. discount day this week, and found nothing!!  One day later, I hit the jackpot.  Some really nice stuff, y'all!

Look at this!  Can you believe it?  Total price.............drum roll, please....................................................................$19.41!!

I couldn't believe all the turquoise items I found!  I had ladies stopping to look at the items in my cart!  I mean, this was perfect timing!

Flowers: $2.92; 

plates:$1.21 each;

 metal buckets: $1.21 each

 Hugs sign: $2.92;

 White Pottery Barn Vase, $3.93;

 Wood Fleur de lis $3.93.  

Un be liev able!!!!!  Did I know what I was going to do with all this?  No!  But I knew I had to have all of it!!

So this is what I did!  I restyled my bookcase in the family room.

I cut apart the turquoise hydrangeas so I could arrange them. They were all made together into one bush, so once separated, they looked really good.

 I love this!!  I took all the books and pumpkins off and just started playing with the new items.  
 The lamp and wood sign work well together.

The pottery barn vase is so nice and heavy.  I think the flowers look so good in it.

 While I was styling, I reworked the coffee table too.

I think this may be my favorite GW haul ever!!  I am so happy with the way my bookcase looks now!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Creating a Warm Fall Vibe in Your Home

If you've followed my blog for long, you know that I decorate as often as possible without spending or spending very little.  This post is all about getting a seasonal look for your home without breaking the bank.

Tip 1:  Shop your house.  By doing this, you use what you have on hand.  That's always good. Go through your home looking for items that have colors of the season.  For example, art work that might have the colors you want to feature, blankets/throws, candles, books, window treatments, a rug you could move from one room to another, etc.

Throw pillows are inexpensive and can have a desirable focal impact.

Tip 2:  And I say this "tongue in cheek": Try not to over do it.

Tip 3:  Don't be afraid to mix patterns.  As long as you stay in the same color hue, you will probably achieve a cohesive look.

Tip 4:  Place an unexpected object in the room, example, the colorful tote sitting on the bottom shelf of the table in my room below.

Tip 5:  Create a style board.  There are numerous applications online that allow you to set up collages of how you would like your room to look.  I used Polyvore™ to create my board.

Polyvore SetI was invited by Douglas Elliman Global Real Estate to create a style board showing ways to add warmth to your home.  I was not compensated for this post.

Regardless of your decorating budget, a warm fall look can be obtained very easily by using items you already have.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Using Fabric Remnants in Home Design

Our Wal Mart has a decent fabric section, and I always go through their remnants that have been marked down when the bolts are almost empty.  Recently, I picked up remnants on two different occasions.  First I found the gold colored fabric below, and a week or so later, I bought the print fabric.  Both were priced very reasonably and together were about six or seven dollars.

I knew when I found the print, I would use it to make pillow covers for the sofa and love seat in the family room.  I had forgotten the gold remnant, but when I got home and put the print fabric in my fabric stash, I saw how well they coordinated.
I made a mental note of that, and yesterday, decided to get busy and make my pillow covers.  I decided to use the print for the front, and the gold for the back of the pillows.

First, I ironed the two remnants, so they would be easy to cut.
Next, I measured the 4 pillows for which I wanted to make covers, and gathered my supplies together.

I use my mother's old hoosier cabinet (bottom) to cut out my fabric when I sew.  It's a nice flat surface, and one more scratch to the enamel top won't hurt it.

After I got my fabric cut to size, I sewed them together.  I had a small stack of scraps, and I'll save those for my next rag quilt.

Here are the finished products.  I also had enough fabric to make a runner for the coffee table.

The runner can also be reversed.

For variety, either side of the pillow can be used.

I like the way they look with the slipcovers and that they bring more blue into the room.  I'm still on the lookout for a rug. Hopefully soon!

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

How to Spruce Up a Good Will Find

spruce up:  meaning an act of cleaning up, refurbishing, renovating an item; improving the appearance.

On Saturday, after having all I could stand of the political news on television, I decided to take a stroll through Good Will.  I'm glad I did.  This is my latest treasure.

This is a heavy ceramic dough tray, and I have always wanted a dough tray, so this will suffice for decorating. Do you ever find things that are just too good to pass up?  That's what I thought when I saw this.  It's a little more than I usually pay for one item, but like I said, too nice to pass up!

I have to tell you, it needed a good cleaning.  You can see how badly the spanish moss looks above.  Our GW is in the same strip mall as the Dollar Tree, and I knew I could get fresh moss there for a dollar.  So I bought some fall colored stems, and spanish moss from the Dollar Tree.

The fruits in the tray are the perfect fall colors.

I gave everything a good wash off, and put the fresh moss in the tray.

Then I clipped my fall stems apart and started placing them in the moss with the fruit.

Here is the "After".

I chose stems that would compliment the colors of the fruit.

It looks perfect on my dining room table, and will be there for a long time!!

It coordinates so well with my place settings, and napkins.

(photo from overhead)

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