Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fabulous Finds at Good Will

I checked out our GW on Sr. discount day this week, and found nothing!!  One day later, I hit the jackpot.  Some really nice stuff, y'all!

Look at this!  Can you believe it?  Total price.............drum roll, please....................................................................$19.41!!

I couldn't believe all the turquoise items I found!  I had ladies stopping to look at the items in my cart!  I mean, this was perfect timing!

Flowers: $2.92; 

plates:$1.21 each;

 metal buckets: $1.21 each

 Hugs sign: $2.92;

 White Pottery Barn Vase, $3.93;

 Wood Fleur de lis $3.93.  

Un be liev able!!!!!  Did I know what I was going to do with all this?  No!  But I knew I had to have all of it!!

So this is what I did!  I restyled my bookcase in the family room.

I cut apart the turquoise hydrangeas so I could arrange them. They were all made together into one bush, so once separated, they looked really good.

 I love this!!  I took all the books and pumpkins off and just started playing with the new items.  
 The lamp and wood sign work well together.

The pottery barn vase is so nice and heavy.  I think the flowers look so good in it.

 While I was styling, I reworked the coffee table too.

I think this may be my favorite GW haul ever!!  I am so happy with the way my bookcase looks now!

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