Sunday, October 23, 2016

How to Spruce Up a Good Will Find

spruce up:  meaning an act of cleaning up, refurbishing, renovating an item; improving the appearance.

On Saturday, after having all I could stand of the political news on television, I decided to take a stroll through Good Will.  I'm glad I did.  This is my latest treasure.

This is a heavy ceramic dough tray, and I have always wanted a dough tray, so this will suffice for decorating. Do you ever find things that are just too good to pass up?  That's what I thought when I saw this.  It's a little more than I usually pay for one item, but like I said, too nice to pass up!

I have to tell you, it needed a good cleaning.  You can see how badly the spanish moss looks above.  Our GW is in the same strip mall as the Dollar Tree, and I knew I could get fresh moss there for a dollar.  So I bought some fall colored stems, and spanish moss from the Dollar Tree.

The fruits in the tray are the perfect fall colors.

I gave everything a good wash off, and put the fresh moss in the tray.

Then I clipped my fall stems apart and started placing them in the moss with the fruit.

Here is the "After".

I chose stems that would compliment the colors of the fruit.

It looks perfect on my dining room table, and will be there for a long time!!

It coordinates so well with my place settings, and napkins.

(photo from overhead)

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