Thursday, October 6, 2016

September's Treasure Stash

If you follow my blog, or read it often, you know I love to shop Good Will.  I usually share my finds at least once a week, but there are times that I don't post them.  Today, I'm sharing items I found in September.  You may have seen some of these, but I'm not sure you've seen all of them.

2 bottles, crystal decanter

2 oval shaped vases with poppies
Depression glass dish

 Vintage basket
bowl with pink border

3 tiered brass tray

Vintage salt shaker

 3 butter bells

gravy boat

 towel holder & monogrammed towel

 bed tray


 dish with silver stand

 towel holder

 tea pot in autumn colors

 small blue and white tea pot


 biscotti jar

 Christmas topiary in neutral colors


 cow creamer

 gravy bowl

 crystal pitcher
 gravy bowl/plate
 4 apple soup bowls

 picture < 6.00

 ceramic bird plaque

 faux wood flower dish

 wire basket and stand



curtain panel

 Wood cake plate

 plate & vase


blue and white urn

 pottery and frame

 pottery dish

 pottery pitcher

 fleur de lis flower pot

Five finger vase (trumpet vase, fan vase)
also known as tulipiere

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