Monday, October 17, 2016

Updating the Lamps in the Family Room

I found these lamps several years ago at a yard sale, for $5.00 each.  They are very heavy, and the lady who had them said she had purchased them from a nearby upscale store.  I was delighted to get them, and have used them ever since.

Today, I decided to give them a makeover.


I love the style, but lots of times when turning off the lamps, the pineapple fronds at the top would poke our hand or arm, and in fact, several fronds had broken off.  So off they all came. It was easy to remove them simply by just lifting them up and down a few times. After that, I brushed on Pure Gold Metallic Craft Paint.

I wasn't worried if some of the darker color showed through.

I painted the upper part of the lamp, and left part of the base as it was.  Here you can see how it turned out.  It still needed a little something.

I decided to embellish the lamp shades with some greek key ribbon I found in the Craft section at Wal Mart.

I started and ended the ribbon at the seam in the shade, and attached it with hot glue.
 I spent $2.97 each for 2 rolls of the ribbon.  The paint was in my stash.  This makeover cost less than $6.00.
Removing the fronds gave the lamps a more streamlined look, and our arms and hands won't be punctured anymore.  :)

Seen above without the ribbon on the shade.

Here, with the ribbon.

I think the ribbon adds just the right touch of elegance, and ties the shade in with the base.  What do you think?

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