Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Decorating the Sofa Table

I recently posted about moving a sofa table to the living room behind the sofa. (here)  It made a great spot for Christmas decor and nothing says Christmas like red and green.

First, I chose a red and white runner I made some time ago. On top of that I placed a flocked spray I bought at consignment a few years ago.  The spray has huge pine cones, and is so pretty. To complete the vignette, I added a books and a snow globe, along with a lantern gifted to me by Oriental Trading.  This one has Christmas tree cutouts in the sides.  You can't see them very well but there are two white, reindeer ornaments within the greenery.

I later added red fairy lights to the lantern and the spray.  It's a great spot of focus when entering the front door.

If you look closely, you can see the reindeer in this shot.

As a final touch for this area, I placed the reindeer I found at Big Lots last year underneath the table, and added ribbon to the floral pot.

Final look for the sofa table!  Love these reindeer!
I think I'm through tweaking this area.

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Mantel

A favorite place to decorate for Christmas is the mantel.  I had originally thought I would not use the garland this year, but then decided to.  I kept it simple, though, just the garland with ribbon, and a lantern on each end.  White glittered stars hang on each end of the garland.  These lanterns were gifted to me by Oriental Trading.  I placed fairy lights in them.

Just to the left is the Christmas village.

I am enjoying the lanterns so much.  I think these can still be ordered from Oriental Trading.

This isn't a sponsored post, but I have left the link so you can order if you wish.  They are very well made, and have room for a candle, or whatever you wish to add to the lantern.  The top lifts up easily for decorating.

I'll be back to share more Christmas decor in a couple of days.

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

My Christmas Village

I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely and spent with those you love.  We had a great meal at my daughter's and enjoyed being with them.

Yesterday, I had some spare time, so I brought the bin marked Christmas Village upstairs.  I've picked up odds and ends for a little over a year now, and have created a small village.  Most of the items are from Good Will so they do not match.  But I think that's the beauty of it.

I set it up on the built in book case next to the fireplace.

I did buy the pond and ice skaters at K Mart after Christmas last year.  It uses batteries, and the skaters actually move around the pond.

The little white cottages came from JoAnn's I think.  They are ornaments, but look so pretty in my village.

The Santa and Snowman signs are from Dollar Tree, this year.

So this is the entire village.  Not big at all, but I enjoy it so much.

PicMonkey has the cutest graphics to add to your pictures.  I love using that program to edit my photos.

I'll be sharing more Christmas decor this week, as it is complete.  Hope you enjoyed visiting the Christmas village.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Using a Sofa Table

I know that having a sofa table in this area and the hall tree being in such close proximity, might break all kinds of design rules, but so be it.

When we bought the drop front desk it took the spot where this table/desk once sat.

This desk took the place of the table, and the gallery wall is no more.

I moved the table to the sun room for a few months, but it blocked the doors into our bedroom from the sunroom, so I brought it into the front hallway, and placed it behind the sofa.

I kinda like it here, and it keeps the entire back of the sofa from being the focal point when you enter the room.

It also provides a spot for a little red and green......a nod to Christmas, which is now, just days away.....

Wanna know where this gorgeous lantern is from?  Oriental Trading.  It is one of the items gifted to me recently for a sponsored post.  Gotta love the perks of blogging, right?  It is really well made, and you should hurry and order if you want one.  Their website for Christmas items is here.

BTW, I'm loving the cleaner lines in my family room now with the current slipcovers.
Everything else seen here,  is Good Will or consignment finds, and the car will be getting a Christmas tree on top soon.  :)

I'm trying to decide how I want to decorate for Christmas.  I'm hoping I can keep it somewhat minimal.  We shall see!

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Slipcovers for the Family Room

I've written before about the slipcovers in my family room, and that I'm using them because I'm so tired of the floral design of my sofa and love seat.  But I'm even more frugal than I am tired of the design.  I've made slipcovers, but am not a pro at it, and my olden bones don't like me crawling around on the floor measuring and pinning, and all that, so I splurged a little and got new covers more to my liking than the ones I've been using.

I gave more for these than I wanted to, but I wanted something with separate cushion covers, and when you buy those, you've got to spend a little more.

Here is the looks of the sofa and love seat over the past few months.

(Reminder I'm using what I have and not purchasing new furniture right now).

Below with tan stretchy slipcovers that I've had a long time:

Problem with the tan covers, I was constantly tucking and straightening, every time someone sits on the furniture, it's to do over and over again.  So, I went shopping for new slipcovers.

The new gray covers:

This is a more streamlined look.  I love that this cover fits around the bottom, and pushes the skirt underneath the seat.

These are Surefit™ covers, but I bought them at Bed, Bath, & Beyond ™ so if I didn't like them I could easily take them back, and not have to wait on the snail mail system. They are suede, and were easy enough to adjust to fit my furniture.  Having the cushions covered separately, keeps it much neater looking in the room.  The other color was a deep, deep chocolate brown, which might have matched things a little better, but my husband doesn't like brown, so I bought the gray.  Another feature of these covers is that the cushion covers work for either box cushions or "T" cushions.

These 4 throw pillows were gifted to me by Oriental Trading for doing a sponsored post, and they work perfectly with the gray covers and for the season.

I'm calling these slip covers an early Christmas gift to myself!!   I think I will thoroughly enjoy these!

Oh, on another note, I am tired of the orange and rust colors in my house, so I gathered the fall decor up and put it back in storage.   I'm taking a week or so of rest before I decorate for Christmas, then I hope I can limit the amount of decorating I do.  I told my husband to not allow me to keep bringing stuff up from the basement.  I plan to do a simple small tree, the mantel, and set up a Christmas village.

I changed the mantel from the fall look to this for now.

Gone are the orange colors and pumpkins.

In their place, crystal and blue/white jars.
A brief quiet respite before the Christmas decor.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Warm Soothing Colors for Guest Room

I have enjoyed the orange and green bedding in the guest room for a really long time now, but while tossing and turning last night I decided I would change the look of the room for the winter months.

This change was free because I already had everything.

This brown suede and satin comforter fits the bill for soothing colors and warmth.  It is from the Better Homes & Garden line at Wal Mart, and is probably 6 years old.  The bed tray is a Good Will find that I painted and added a graphic to.

The dresser runner was changed from white, to one with burgundy, gold, and green.

I hung these heavy velour drapes that came from Lowes a few years back. I used them originally in the dining and family rooms. They will offer warmth to the room as well.  This room tends to be the coolest room in the house in the winter, and I don't know why, but it always has.  It's not that far from the heating system, but may have more turns in the duct work or something.  At any rate, it looks much warmer now.

We seldom have guests, but if we do, the room is ready.

The bed tray holds a magazine, flowers, and a coffee/tea cup.

Before of room: (summer look)

After: (Winter look)

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Good Will Chair Makeover

If you are looking for a quick DIY project, look no further. Makeover an old chair.

I recently found this old wooden chair for around $3 at Good Will.  I've used it in its natural state for a while now, in the breakfast nook.

I was drawn to it because of its unusual seat.  See the holes?

Sometimes, I just want to do a quick project, and this was that kind of day, so I got busy today and painted it.  I had some left over paint from my front door project, in Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore.

I used this photo from Pinterest as my inspiration.

I recently found a book of floral stickers at GW as well.

I used antique copper metallic paint to cover the nail heads on the seat, and placed the sticker at the top.

 Using a sanding block, the chair was distressed.

But after looking at it with the sticker for a few hours, I didn't like the way it looked.  I found a rose graphic at The Graphics Fairy, and proceeded to transfer it to the chair by using the decopage transfer method.  You can find how to do that by googling, decopage transfer method. 

inspiration (above)


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