Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Warm Soothing Colors for Guest Room

I have enjoyed the orange and green bedding in the guest room for a really long time now, but while tossing and turning last night I decided I would change the look of the room for the winter months.

This change was free because I already had everything.

This brown suede and satin comforter fits the bill for soothing colors and warmth.  It is from the Better Homes & Garden line at Wal Mart, and is probably 6 years old.  The bed tray is a Good Will find that I painted and added a graphic to.

The dresser runner was changed from white, to one with burgundy, gold, and green.

I hung these heavy velour drapes that came from Lowes a few years back. I used them originally in the dining and family rooms. They will offer warmth to the room as well.  This room tends to be the coolest room in the house in the winter, and I don't know why, but it always has.  It's not that far from the heating system, but may have more turns in the duct work or something.  At any rate, it looks much warmer now.

We seldom have guests, but if we do, the room is ready.

The bed tray holds a magazine, flowers, and a coffee/tea cup.

Before of room: (summer look)

After: (Winter look)

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