Friday, November 11, 2016

Wintering My House Plants

Northeast Georgia is finally seeing cooler weather and some frost, so I moved the plants from the screened porch into the sunroom for the winter.  Normally, I move them to the basement, but I tend to neglect them during the winner, because I don't go into the basement very often.  I decided this year to have them where I could keep them watered.

I found this wonderful shelf unit at Good Will some time ago for $10.  We have used it in the garage, but we cleaned it up and brought it into the sunroom to hold the plants.

I think I will enjoy having them here, and I know they will fare better.

Can you believe the size of this aloe plant?  It just keeps growing!!

This plant got a spot in the breakfast room for now.  

After moving in the metal shelf unit to hold the plants, I had to decide where to place the table that was in that spot originally.

 I brought it into the master bedroom and placed a few objects on it.  The lamp had been in the mud room, but it goes well in here.

Have you brought in your plants for the winter?  Where do you keep yours?

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