Thursday, December 29, 2016

Favorite Posts of 2016

The post with the most readers for 2016, was the one where I did a makeover on a french style night stand at the lake house. The piece had a plastic type finish that had yellowed with age, and I wasn't sure paint would cover it, but Waverly Chalk Paint did the trick.

#1 Favorite:  French Night Stand Makeover

2nd Most popular: How to Spruce Up a Good Will Find

I found this lovely ceramic dough bowl and fruit in October at GW.

I removed the yellowed Spanish moss, and replaced it with new, washed everything really good, and added some fall stems to the bowl.

I've had the tray on the dining table ever since.  I filled it with ornaments for Christmas.  Very versatile.  

Post 3:  Embellishing Ceramic Pumpkins

I received these pumpkins from Oriental Trading for a sponsored post.  I'm enjoying being a Brand Ambassador for them.  Such great products!!

 They came all white.  Above, I had painted the stems.

This was a fun project!

Post 4:   Fabulous Finds at Good Will

I found these coordinating items all on the same day for a total of $19.00.

I used them to redecorate my builtin shelf.

The 5th favorite post:

Building an Outdoor Bench for Front Porch

 We have really enjoyed this seat. It's much more comfortable t  than it appears.

Another favorite:  Painting the Hutch

I love how painting the hutch lightened and brightened the space!!  I hope you enjoyed seeing a recap of these posts.  Stay tuned for more fun in 2017!!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Open Spaces (Removing Christmas Clutter)

I'm one of those people who decorates early for the holidays, and who quickly packs it all up after the main event is over.  My husband comments that the house looks bare, but I don't think I can ever be accused of being a minimalist.  I love my stuff, but I like it when all the "extra" decor is packed up and put away.  December 26th found me up bright and early, gathering everything to the dining and breakfast tables, to be packaged and stored.  I plan to better organize my decorating bins.  I want to have all my ornaments in one bin, all the Santas in one, etc.

Here are some photos of the "cleaner" look without the holiday clutter.

I'm keeping the lanterns out for now since they work great for winter decor.  I placed them on the sofa table, and added a birch log candle to the large one with some silver mesh ribbon, and a smaller candle in the smallest lantern. Two decorating books, a magnolia stem (from years ago) finish out the vignette.

The hall tree got a new display.

I don't know what the tall piece on the top is called, but it is a recent purchase, and I love the way it looks with the other items. It reminds me of a cathedral window.  I placed pine cones and magnolia seed pods in a Good Will dish I found a while back.

Table in the formal dining room.

Side table in formal dining room

This table showcases thrifting finds, mostly Good Will.

Simplistic centerpiece for breakfast table, Good Will tea pot and flowers.

Simplicity for the pie safe too.  Say hello to my sweet "Daisy".  My mother always had a milk cow, and most of them were named Daisy, so that's what I named mine.  :)

The jelly cupboard holds my pitcher collection, and a few vintage plates.

The mantle and builtin went back to their pre-Christmas look.

I like seeing some open space between items!!  Have you removed your Christmas decor?

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Simple Decor for New Year

I hope 2016 has been good for you and your family, and wish you the best throughout the new year.

Now that Christmas is past, and that decor is put away for another year, it is time to decide how to would decorate for the Winter season.

Recently, I've shared some of the Fall and Christmas items I have enjoyed from Oriental Trading Company.

I will continue to use some of the items I was gifted in my winter look, like these white lanterns.  I placed them on the sofa table and added a touch of sparkle by using the gold and silver curling ribbon also from Oriental Trading Company. Their rolls contain 500 yards of ribbon for $4.29.   I think this is an easy way to make the lanterns festive for upcoming parties.

Another way to use the curling ribbon for a bit of sparkle is like I've used it in the china cabinet. Simply curl pieces of ribbon and drop into crystal for a festive touch if you are having guests for New Year's Eve.

I will continue to use these lovely throws on the sofa and love seat for an easy, casual look and the coziness they offer on a cool evening.  
I received both these throws from Oriental Trading.  They are a nice size at 50 x 60, and are made of soft fleece.

They add so much coziness to the rooms.

These throws, ribbon and lanterns all came from Oriental Trading Center.  They have a unique variety of items, and guarantee 110% lowest price! Click on the links and see what you can find.

Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!!!
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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Winter merchandise was gifted to me by Oriental Trading Company, in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% mine.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Tree From Clothes Hangers

I had energy for some reason today, and had my closet purged before 10 AM.!  Yay, me!!  Of course I gave my daughter a huge bag of stuff to go through to see if she wanted it, and took 6 bags to GW.  As usual, I had about 100 empty clothes hangers after doing this.  My husband was going to throw away the wire hangers when I remembered a YouTube tutorial for making a Christmas tree from wire hangers.  Here is how you do it:

You'll need:
6 wire hangers
masking tape
garland or geo mesh
lights (plug in or battery operated) mine are battery operated
ornaments or other Christmas decor

First interlock two of the hangers by placing the hooks inside the opposite hanger and hooking it in place, tape at the top and along the sides to hold together.

Make three of these, using all 6 hangers.  Be sure to tape as shown.

Make 3 of these, then interlock them and use the tape to hold the form together.  When all 6 are taped together, they will look something like this.  

 I didn't have green garland on hand that I could use on a small project, so I used wide red geo mesh and bunched it up, then wired it around the hangers.  I continued to do this until all the wire was covered.

The lights I had on hand are battery operated which worked out great since I do not have a plug in where I wanted to place the tree.

For decorations, I used berries, holly, snowflakes and gold jingle bells.  I hot glued all of these in place so they would stay.

By using things I had on hand, this project was free.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

More Dining Room Decor

I have several tables in the dining room that are great for decorating, the tea cart, a side table, and the bombe table.

Tea Cart

Of course I've been tweaking everything, trying to get it like I want.  Above is the first try on decorating the tea cart.  Below shows it with the changes I made.

You can see in the photo before this one, that I've added ornaments to the 3-tiered tray.  Much better, I think with the addition of green.


I moved the chair I recently painted to a corner in the dining room, to hold this lantern.

I bought these picks and ribbon at Dollar Tree for a total of $3.00.  It was an easy project to make this to attach to the lantern.

Later, I moved the lantern to the bottom of the hall tree, and brought in this antique egg basket full of Christmas decor.

 The holly table cloth over the back of the chair is from GW.

So there you have the other decor in the dining room for this holiday season.

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