Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Tree From Clothes Hangers

I had energy for some reason today, and had my closet purged before 10 AM.!  Yay, me!!  Of course I gave my daughter a huge bag of stuff to go through to see if she wanted it, and took 6 bags to GW.  As usual, I had about 100 empty clothes hangers after doing this.  My husband was going to throw away the wire hangers when I remembered a YouTube tutorial for making a Christmas tree from wire hangers.  Here is how you do it:

You'll need:
6 wire hangers
masking tape
garland or geo mesh
lights (plug in or battery operated) mine are battery operated
ornaments or other Christmas decor

First interlock two of the hangers by placing the hooks inside the opposite hanger and hooking it in place, tape at the top and along the sides to hold together.

Make three of these, using all 6 hangers.  Be sure to tape as shown.

Make 3 of these, then interlock them and use the tape to hold the form together.  When all 6 are taped together, they will look something like this.  

 I didn't have green garland on hand that I could use on a small project, so I used wide red geo mesh and bunched it up, then wired it around the hangers.  I continued to do this until all the wire was covered.

The lights I had on hand are battery operated which worked out great since I do not have a plug in where I wanted to place the tree.

For decorations, I used berries, holly, snowflakes and gold jingle bells.  I hot glued all of these in place so they would stay.

By using things I had on hand, this project was free.

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