Saturday, December 10, 2016

Furniture Rearranging

I had a light bulb moment today, and decided to move my late mother-in-law's jelly cupboard from the sun room to the breakfast area.  I don't know why I never thought of that before, but the spot where I moved it is the perfect place, and just the right amount of space for it.

Here it is in the sun room.

And here it is in the breakfast area. 

 The family room is to the left, and the sunroom to the right.

All decked out for Christmas....

Here is the way I rearranged the sun room.  I wanted to place the plants in front of the windows, so everything got a new spot.

I took down the curtains except for 2 panels.  That way the room will get full sun all morning.  I like having the rocker in the corner where the cupboard previously was.  I moved the bifold door to that corner for a punch of color.

The eating table and chairs took the corner where the lounge formerly sat.

 The plants will certainly get great sunshine here.

 A good place for a nap.

This photo was taken earlier than those above.  In this one, I had paper covering the backs of the shelves then decided to remove it to show the red.  Moving one thing causes a domino effect, but I like having the openess in the sun room.

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