Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Open Spaces (Removing Christmas Clutter)

I'm one of those people who decorates early for the holidays, and who quickly packs it all up after the main event is over.  My husband comments that the house looks bare, but I don't think I can ever be accused of being a minimalist.  I love my stuff, but I like it when all the "extra" decor is packed up and put away.  December 26th found me up bright and early, gathering everything to the dining and breakfast tables, to be packaged and stored.  I plan to better organize my decorating bins.  I want to have all my ornaments in one bin, all the Santas in one, etc.

Here are some photos of the "cleaner" look without the holiday clutter.

I'm keeping the lanterns out for now since they work great for winter decor.  I placed them on the sofa table, and added a birch log candle to the large one with some silver mesh ribbon, and a smaller candle in the smallest lantern. Two decorating books, a magnolia stem (from years ago) finish out the vignette.

The hall tree got a new display.

I don't know what the tall piece on the top is called, but it is a recent purchase, and I love the way it looks with the other items. It reminds me of a cathedral window.  I placed pine cones and magnolia seed pods in a Good Will dish I found a while back.

Table in the formal dining room.

Side table in formal dining room

This table showcases thrifting finds, mostly Good Will.

Simplistic centerpiece for breakfast table, Good Will tea pot and flowers.

Simplicity for the pie safe too.  Say hello to my sweet "Daisy".  My mother always had a milk cow, and most of them were named Daisy, so that's what I named mine.  :)

The jelly cupboard holds my pitcher collection, and a few vintage plates.

The mantle and builtin went back to their pre-Christmas look.

I like seeing some open space between items!!  Have you removed your Christmas decor?

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