Monday, December 5, 2016

What I Found at Good Will & Christmas in the Breakfast Nook

We checked out a Good Will store in a town about 40 miles from home the other day.  These are the only 2 items that I purchased for a total of $4 and change.

I loved the look of this picture, and think it has a French vibe and the frame is so nice.  I gave $1.51 for it, so that was a steal.

This item has a French look as well, with the fleur de lis design on the front.
It was $2.92, I believe.  I went down to the basement into my Christmas stash of twigs and berries, and filled it full of them.

At first I placed it on the sofa table, but it got lost in all the Christmas florals already there, so I moved it to the breakfast table.

It shows better on the breakfast table because it isn't competing so much with the other items.
I added the Dollar Tree hurricanes I made when I first started my blog.  Did you make those?  I remember when they were all the rage.  I still like them a lot.

    (Dollar General placemats, BHG runner from Wal Mart)
I think the arrangement certainly makes a statement here, and that is where I will use it.

Do you make your own arrangements?  All I did to make this one was insert a smaller container inside (peat pot), and just randomly placed all the twigs I could find.

Simple and I used floral items I already had.

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