Tuesday, January 31, 2017

This Year's Valentine's Decorations

Some of my Valentine decor is new this year, gifted to me from Oriental Trading for a sponsored post.  I showed it to you recently.

My other decor is some I have had for years.  I haven't decorated a whole lot.  Just the sofa table, a touch on the mantel, and the hall tree.

Letter blocks and angel, from Oriental Trading Company.

 I love these cupids on the mantel.  I bought them at Eckerd Drugs before it became Rite Aid.  So they've been here a long time.

Gold hearts from Target.  They are lighted.

A few days ago, I decided the small topiary screen needed to be red, so I added scrap paper to it with tape.

 Heart from Dollar Tree, banner from Oriental Trading.

Entry, front hall, living area.

 I placed fabric hearts I made inside the china cabinet.

Heart plate found at consignment shop.  I saw one identical at GW recently but didn't see a need for it.

Have you decorated for Valentine's Day?

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Thrifty Treasures from Good Will

You all know how thrift stores and Good Will sometimes have great items, and often, not so much!  I was in Good Will shortly after Christmas, and ran up on a wonderful bargain.  Are you familiar with Thirty One brand bags?  They are rather expensive, and in fact, that's why I have never bought them. That day, I started my search on the miscellaneous aisle where you find all kinds of items, and on the bottom shelf sat this wonderful big bag that looked like brand new.  There was glitter in the bottom, so I think someone might have donated Christmas decor, and probably did not mean for the bag to be donated.

 My Christmas dishes fit in perfectly.
$2.52  (retails on their website from $50. - $60.)

In addition to that, I found 2 candle holders that match my Christmas dishes.  They were a total of $2.42.  They sell at Replacements for $21.99 each.  The photo below is from Replacements.  My candle holders are already packed away until next Christmas.


So all this for $4.94, plus tax, with a retail value of around $100.00!  I call these great finds!

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thrifty Blue and White Tablescape

After changing the centerpiece in the dining room to blue and white, I decided to create a blue and white tablescape.

I layered silver chargers with my blue and white porcelain.  I used the dinner plate, bread plate, and a small bowl.  For drinks, I used my Wedgwood (Jasper ware) glassware, found at Good Will a few months ago.

View toward family room

Everything on the table is second hand except the chargers, and some of the hydrangeas.  I shopped my house to create this tablescape.

Blue/white tablescape, January 2017.

Tablecloth: drop cloth
Runner:  Consignment
Jasperware: Good Will
Stainless: Consignment
Chargers: Dollar Tree
China: Belonged to MIL
Tote: Consignment find
Hydrangeas: a friend and Wal Mart

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Monday, January 23, 2017

A Few Changes

I found a wonderful ceramic dough bowl and fruit at Good Will a few months ago, and have used it on my dining table ever since.

Here it is when I had just bought it in the fall.

Then at Christmas, I exchanged the fruit for ornaments, and used it like this.

So this piece has been on my table for about 4 months!! Nothing stays put that long around here!!  It was time for a change.

I hauled out my large wood tool tote, painted white over the blue, added some seed packet graphics on the sides with Mod Podge, stuck in some blue hydrangeas, and voila!  New look!!

I decided I needed a runner on the table, so I added this blue one I've had for ages!!

While I had the white paint out, I put the second coat on the hutch I shared last week.

Once I got the 2nd coat of paint on, I didn't add back the papers I originally had on the backs of the hutch.  I wanted the planked look to show.

I took a few more photos in the sunroom to share with you.

I set the table in sunroom for two.

Green and white tablescape.

I brought in a throw I found at Good Will.  We love to use throws, and this one is the perfect color.

What have you changed recently?

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sunroom Makeover Less Than $100.00

Just before Christmas, I moved the furniture in the sunroom around.  I liked it okay for a while, but lately when sitting at the table, the view into the room bothered me. I had a steel type shelf unit at the window holding the plants. That happens to be the spot where the table and chairs normally sit.

I moved the plants to the floor, and my husband took the shelving unit back to the garage for his use there.

I brought this vintage table back from the master bedroom, and placed it here where the jelly cupboard was and stood the old closet door behind the table.

I had recently been using a rug with pink and green in it, but it had a stain I could not get out, so I bought a small white rug for the room. 

Here you can see the rug, and how it blends in with the walls and tile.

I hung these printed sheers in the room.  I've had them a long time, and they once hung in the guest room.  I like the color combination in these curtains.

The table was moved back to the windows.  It just works better here.

Placing the chaise on this side of the room, allows for a better walking pattern to the screened porch.

I'm hoping to find new and more comfortable padded cushions for the sunroom.  I've had these since the home was built in 2000.  I'd like to find some with memory foam on the inside. They would be much more comfortable.


I had the opportunity to go to At Home today, and I found some cushions that I really liked for the wicker chairs.  I removed the old cushions, and throw pillows (above), and here are the new cushions. (below)

I was able to stay in my color range with the new cushions.  I really like these, and the cushion in the chaise fits perfectly, even though, I forgot to measure the chair before going to shop.

I had a gift certificate for Queen of Hearts, and it is located just up the street from At Home, so I went in there and bought some smalls in the blue colors to place on the vintage table. The 'plate' is actually a painted brass tray, the book is one where the cover has been painted, and the K sign said on the tag that the wood is from a 75 year old church in South Georgia.

 I placed the chair I recently finished in the corner to hold some of the plants.  It's color works well in here.

I also brought in the magnolia print from my sweet friend, because it has white and turquoise. The feel of the room is more relaxing now.

I set the table with white, and green.

Costs of makeover:
rug:  Lowe's, $29.00
Cushions:  At Home, $52.00
Smalls on table:  Gift card
TOTAL: $81.00

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