Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fluffing My Nest

I've been shuffling things around which is nothing new.  I wake up really early every morning, and as I wander around with my coffee, I move this and that.  I enjoy making small changes that don't require lots of work or heavy lifting.

All of the items were already in the room at one place or another, and I simply regrouped various items, or moved them to another place, to make them more prominent.

The colors in the pictures, and those of the vase and flowers blend together quite well.
This is a corner of the dining room, the perfect spot for the small table I bought. I found the vase at a Good Will store in another town.

By placing the brass tray on this table, it is more easily seen, and adds a touch of brightness to this spot.

Placing these Ball jars in the chicken wire basket near the turquoise lamp makes for a nice display.

Keeping the gold and orange together gives this corner a warm ambience.

Do you group items according to color or some other way?

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