Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Look What I Found at Good Will

I've been going to Good Will weekly and for the last few weeks, I haven't found much of anything, but today I hit the jackpot!! I have the bottom part to my mother's old Hoosier cabinet.  My dad for some reason, gave the top away after my mother passed away.  Why?  I have no idea.  The bottom half sat in my basement for years and a few years ago, I cleaned it up, painted it, and brought it upstairs into the mud room.  I use it to store my plastic ware.

I would have loved to have found a Hoosier top, but had come to realize that probably would never happen.  I had decided a while back if I could ever run up on a hutch top, I would buy that and sit it on the Hoosier bottom.

Well, today was the day!!  I paid $8.98 for this piece!!

Of course I painted it white.  I gathered all my partial bottles of white chalk paint, and mixed them together, and had just enough for one coat.  I will put on another coat and seal it soon, but I went ahead and styled it just to see how it would look, and here it is!!

I love it!! I covered the back of the inside with colorful scrapbooking papers, that I received from Oriental Trading Company.

I think this gives such a farmhouse vibe to the mud room.  We use the back door, entering directly into the mud room, so this is what you see when you come in.

The plates on the center shelf belonged to my mother.  The bowls on the same shelf are all from Good Will, as is the red rooster below.

I found two more things I will share on another post soon.  They were equally great finds!!

Hope you will join me at these parties!

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