Tuesday, January 31, 2017

This Year's Valentine's Decorations

Some of my Valentine decor is new this year, gifted to me from Oriental Trading for a sponsored post.  I showed it to you recently.

My other decor is some I have had for years.  I haven't decorated a whole lot.  Just the sofa table, a touch on the mantel, and the hall tree.

Letter blocks and angel, from Oriental Trading Company.

 I love these cupids on the mantel.  I bought them at Eckerd Drugs before it became Rite Aid.  So they've been here a long time.

Gold hearts from Target.  They are lighted.

A few days ago, I decided the small topiary screen needed to be red, so I added scrap paper to it with tape.

 Heart from Dollar Tree, banner from Oriental Trading.

Entry, front hall, living area.

 I placed fabric hearts I made inside the china cabinet.

Heart plate found at consignment shop.  I saw one identical at GW recently but didn't see a need for it.

Have you decorated for Valentine's Day?

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