Monday, February 27, 2017

Something Different in the Kitchen

A few years ago, my husband bought this piece from his son who was moving, and no longer wanted it.

We immediately placed it in the breakfast nook, without much thought, and that is where it has been ever since. I've been thinking about using it as an island for a while, but just never moved it. Y'all have heard me lament about not being able to redo my kitchen. With this piece moved to the kitchen, it works for a change to the room, and we will decide after a few days living with it there, whether or not we leave it.  It's an affordable way to make a slight change.

It blends well with the cabinets, and the white appliances, and I like that.

I tried it turned from side to side, but that narrowed the traffic pattern too much.

I had two wooden knobs from another piece of furniture that got new ones, so since I didn't want the shiny brass ones, I switched them out.  I also added a hook to the side for a towel.

It is centered between the sink, stove, and fridge, so it will make a convenient prep area.

I used the french drying rack to style the piece.  I replaced all the cups with white ones, and put a placemat underneath.

I think I'm going to like it here, but time will tell.  If not, it's not hard to move it from the room. I think it adds some interest to the boring cabinets!! Do y'all think I should paint it another color?  I might attach a towel bar to the side for towels, rather than the hook.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Spring Flowers & Mantel

We are having glorious weather in the North Georgia mountains. Yesterday, it reached 78 degrees, on the 24th of February. Hope this isn't an indication of things to come!!  I enjoy cooler weather.  We'll take what we get, though, right?  It's all good!!

With all the tulips, forsythia, and jonquils blooming everywhere, I decided a spring mantel was in order, and of course I have my faux flowers placed here and there.  If spring isn't officially here, it's here inside my home!  I do realize we might have more winter weather, but at the moment, we are celebrating spring at Shadymont.

Pink tulips are blooming on the mantel.

Spring plates join the display.

Of course the shutters are a must to finish off the spring look.

White tulips are blooming on the sofa table.

Turquoise hydrangeas adorn the bookcase.

Roses are always in season.

More pink and white flowers in this vignette.

If you are still having cold weather, warm your decor with some spring flowers.  

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Little Kitchen Maintenance

We built our house in 2000, and I had the cabinets custom built, and stained "honey".  The handles that were popular then were those with the brass ends, and a white center.  I got those, too! Well here it is, 2017, and I finally switched out the handles, and had the hinges replaced.  FINALLY!!

I know a remodel is out of the question right now, and may never happen, so I have to continue on with my honey cabinets, but getting the doors fixed, and changing out the hardware is something fairly inexpensive that will help immensely.

Here are photos of the cabinets with the old hardware.

Photos with new hardware:

I ordered these simple Oil Rubbed Bronze handles from Amazon, I think for around $64.00.  I changed them out myself.

Changes you can't see took place too.  I called a local cabinet maker and asked if they would come and change out all the hinges in the kitchen cabinets and living room builtins. I have the European "hidden" hinges, and over the years of use, they had become weak, and didn't even hold the doors completely closed, so I had small pieces of velcro where it couldn't be seen to keep several of the doors closed.  With the new hinges, they all close tightly, and hang so much straighter than they ever have.  A couple of the cabinet doors had never been perfectly straight, but now they are.  (total for that including 66 hinges, was $330.)  That's for a total of 66 hinges, and 3 hours labor! Pretty good deal!

Even though the main change is unseen, I feel as if I've got new cabinets!!!  There is nothing much more aggravating than doors that don't stay closed!  Right?

I'm so happy with the new hardware, and am glad I got these small changes done.
The true color of the cabinets are like the ones above the oven.
If I were to change my cabinet color, I think I would go darker, rather than painting them white.  I won't start that myself, though.  I do know my limitations!!

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Corner Curio

I was in Good Will on Friday, and found some awesome new "pretties".  I went in purposely looking for crystal, or cut glass items.  I had a reason for doing this which I will share shortly.

These are the items I found and purchased.  They make great statement pieces.  This bowl is huge.

All four pieces, $14

Why I was shopping for crystal and cut glass?

I was going through my email a few days ago, and had one about an online auction in an adjoining county.  I browsed through the photos of the items for sale, and there it was, a beautiful corner curio cabinet, just the right size for a corner in my dining room.  My husband had mentioned wanting one in that spot for several years, but we just kept putting off buying one.  This one looked nice, small in width, and the photos showed clean surroundings.  So I decided I would place a bid.  I set a cap of $100, even though I've found the same one online beginning at $375.00.

The auction would be over in a day and half. The first day, it looked as though I might get it for $50.00, but someone else started bidding too, and we went back and forth for a while.  In the end, I won it for $90.

I think I made a smart purchase.  It isn't extremely heavy, and I only found one small scuff on the upper door,which was easily repaired with a stain pen.

The huge bowl I purchased from GW, would not fit inside the curio, so I placed it on top with some greenery.

The curio is a Pulaski Furniture Demuline, size 24"x10"x70" with inside light, 2 opening doors, 6 shelves, dental molding at the top, in like new condition!!
I placed one large piece on each shelf, except the top shelf which also holds 2 small crystal votives, and I like the "less is more" look.

Entering the front door.

View coming out of the kitchen toward the front door.

So what do you think?  Was this a good deal?  I think it was and plan to enjoy it for a very long time!

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Busy Week and Guest Room Changes

I've been on a cleaning spree this week.  It all started Monday when I pulled everything out of the linen closet and reorganized it.  I took 4 large bags of "stuff" out.

I straightened three more closets, put new hardware on the kitchen cabinets, switched the drapes and bedding in the guest room, and hung different artwork.  You've seen this bedding before, but I was tired of the heavy drapes, and the brown, so it was time to bring back the lighter colors.

 Different artwork

 New paint for lamps
 I painted these lamps so they would blend better in here. This is their third incarnation!!   They were originally dark gray metal, then I painted them gold, now they are white.

 Different scarf and vignette
I told you earlier in the week about moving furniture around. Armoire holds tv, and has empty drawers for clothes storage.

I decided to use the white tub in the chair for a welcome 'basket'.  I've placed items in it that a guest might need.

It holds, a large towel, three wash cloths, bath mesh, pumice stone, jar with swabs and cotton balls, deodorant, lotion, feminine products, wipes, Room Spray, toothbrush, toothpaste, loofah pads, and a book, "Stories for a Woman's Heart".  If a guest is coming, I will add a snack and water.  I think I would feel welcome with these items in the room.

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