Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Little Kitchen Maintenance

We built our house in 2000, and I had the cabinets custom built, and stained "honey".  The handles that were popular then were those with the brass ends, and a white center.  I got those, too! Well here it is, 2017, and I finally switched out the handles, and had the hinges replaced.  FINALLY!!

I know a remodel is out of the question right now, and may never happen, so I have to continue on with my honey cabinets, but getting the doors fixed, and changing out the hardware is something fairly inexpensive that will help immensely.

Here are photos of the cabinets with the old hardware.

Photos with new hardware:

I ordered these simple Oil Rubbed Bronze handles from Amazon, I think for around $64.00.  I changed them out myself.

Changes you can't see took place too.  I called a local cabinet maker and asked if they would come and change out all the hinges in the kitchen cabinets and living room builtins. I have the European "hidden" hinges, and over the years of use, they had become weak, and didn't even hold the doors completely closed, so I had small pieces of velcro where it couldn't be seen to keep several of the doors closed.  With the new hinges, they all close tightly, and hang so much straighter than they ever have.  A couple of the cabinet doors had never been perfectly straight, but now they are.  (total for that including 66 hinges, was $330.)  That's for a total of 66 hinges, and 3 hours labor! Pretty good deal!

Even though the main change is unseen, I feel as if I've got new cabinets!!!  There is nothing much more aggravating than doors that don't stay closed!  Right?

I'm so happy with the new hardware, and am glad I got these small changes done.
The true color of the cabinets are like the ones above the oven.
If I were to change my cabinet color, I think I would go darker, rather than painting them white.  I won't start that myself, though.  I do know my limitations!!

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