Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Creating a New Vignette

You all must think that all I ever do is move things around, and you would be right. I've been on a roll the past few days. Yesterday morning, I started early moving things around.  I moved the secretary to the dining room, which required the Bombay table to be moved to the window area, so for good measure, I switched the tea cart to another corner. All the accessories, got scrambled around as well.  One of the neatest things that came from all this shuffling about is the vignette on the top of the secretary.  I shuffled pieces here and yonder until I was happy.  Love, love the combination in this vignette!

I love having the secretary over here and every single thing in this vignette is thrifted or from GW, except for the art.
 It fits perfectly under the artwork in this spot.  Once I added the GW lamp, it looked so much better.  Then the GW 3-tiered tray sat there empty overnight, but I took some clutter to the basement today and came across these roses, and placed them on the tray.  They now remind me of a cake. 

I finally subscribed to the Premium PicMonkey program, and loved trying out the new ways to edit photos.
 Such a pretty piece!!

Hope all of you enjoyed a lovely Valentine's day.  I'm sharing this with these wonderful parties!

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