Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Organizing the Cleaning Closet

Just as you enter my mudroom, there is a small closet to the right.  It could be used as a coat closet, and that's probably its real purpose, but I use it as a cleaning closet.  I'm fortunate to have a wonderful friend to help me with the house cleaning every other week, and she is one in a million! I like lots of different cleaning products, and have devised a unique way to organize them.  You might want to use some of these ideas to organize your cleaning products.

To the left is the laundry room.  You can see the over the door rack on the closet door.  I use this to hang clothing from the dryer.

Below is a hanging valet.  This pulls down, and I hang laundry that doesn't go in the dryer here to air dry.  It will hold 6 garments, and I have ordered 2 more. (available throught Amazon) I've had this one for a year or two, and it's invaluable!!

Now for the inside of the closet.  I hung a shoe organizer on the inside of the door to hold cleaning products.  It was $5 at Dollar General.

The shelf holds the mop bucket, reusable grocery bags, and cleaning supplies that are too big for the shoe organizer.

Extra hangers for the laundry are stored inside.  I attached a paper bag dispenser to the rear wall.  It holds cleaning cloths. The small step ladder, ironing board, and mops, swiffers, mopping pads, dusters, etc, are hung on the wall as well.

The brooms, etc., hang from a small wire hook device (12 hooks) purchased at Wal Mart, as was the bag dispenser that holds the cleaning cloths. The hooks holding the ladder came from a pack of 5 or 6 of these bought at Dollar Tree for $1. They are nice and sturdy. The ironing board is on the right on the same type hooks. The blue pads are for the O'cedar mop.  It can be used wet or dry, and the pads can be thrown in the laundry when needed.

There is plenty of room for the vacuum cleaner to be stored as well.

None of these organizational supplies were expensive.  These over the door racks can be found at Wal Mart, DG, etc.  I set this closet up to hold cleaning supplies quite some time ago.  It works really well.  It's easy to see what needs to be replenished, and everything is out of the way.

I hope you found some ideas you would like to try.  This arrangement works so well for us, and once the door is closed, everything looks neat again.  I did the same thing in a closet at the lake house.  Give the shoe organizer a try.  It would work to hold shampoos, razors, makeup, etc., in the bath room, or could be used to hold crafting supplies.

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