Sunday, February 12, 2017

Something New and Early Spring Decor

I know it isn't officially Spring, but the Jonquils are in full bloom around here.  I also noticed Forsythia starting to bloom.  Of course, Mother Nature may decide to sweep through and these tender blooms could be history.  At any rate, I am just absolutely tired of red in my decor.  I'm in the mood for aqua, which rates high on my favorite colors list.  I gathered a bin full of Valentine's decor and asked my husband to take it to the basement at his convenience and got busy adding spring colors.

This past Thursday morning, I awoke at 4:00 AM and couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up and started moving things around and doing a little cleaning.  We moved the burgundy recliner to the basement, and replaced it with this piece, a reclining love seat.

I've never thought I would like this type of furniture, but I found that I do, so we are going to buy the sofa, and an accent chair. I'll try to sell the old furniture, but if not possible, I will donate to someone, or to Good Will.  This color is called Smoke, and the upholstery is classified as fabric, even though it looks and feels like leather.

Of course, one thing leads to another, so all the pictures got switched out with ones that invoke spring.

My bookcase got a couple of tweaks, nothing major.

 Spring decor for the hall tree.

This bird house came from a Good Will store in another county and gives the hall tree a new look.

 Bottom of hall tree.

I removed the valentine decor from the mantel, and flipped the shutters to aqua.

The lamps were switched between the family room and guest room.  These are very old, but I'm enjoying the lightness of the bases.

A new look for the sofa table.  The tulips and cross give a nod to Easter.

I gave the coffee table a clean look with only a wire cloche and bird.

I like red in certain places, but I'm glad to have my favorites out for a while.

It's a little early, like I said earlier, but that's fine with me. Things feel so much lighter and brighter.  As soon as I get the remainder of the new furniture, I will show you.  I think I'll be able to continue to use the tables in the living room.  The colors in the accent chair are, beige, aqua, greens, brown and blue, and it's an Ikat fabric.  Can't wait!!

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