Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Creating a Cozy Corner

We came to the lake house last Thursday.  Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.  On Friday we went to Tractor supply and I found this pretty planter.  I guess that's what it would be called.  That's how I'm using it.  The chicken wire is in the shape of a chicken!  Imagine that!  It's really pretty.

I'm using the buckets as planters.  I didn't take a photo before decorating it. I bought these ferns and flowers at Dollar Tree using my gift card that was in the giveaway I won.

At first I placed silverware in each compartment and sat it on the table but it was just too big for that.  I couldn't figure where I would place it.  Then I decided I would move the bookcase from the guest room and place it on this wall in the living room. I'd always wanted a small table there for a lamp, so this would also work for that.

I moved a few items so that there would appear to be a gallery wall here.  The bird came from Good Will which I visited also. After, all, it's just across the street!

Other items from Good Will are:

Both these bowls were from Good Will.  The bunnies came from Dollar General.

This small green vase reminds me of a McCoy, but it's USA.  couldn't leave it there.

This sweet vase reminded me of an egg.

This sweet bunny was from good will at 1.39.

Using my new finds I created a cozy corner, at the lake house.  Hope you are enjoying these spring days.  It was 80 here today.

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