Monday, March 27, 2017

Sprucing Up the Laundry Room

I enjoy seeing the laundry room makeovers in blogland. However, I am not a great painter, so I was trying to think of how I could give the room a little facelift.  My cabinets in there are plentiful, but after 17 years, they were seeing some wear. Mostly, areas where damp clothing sitting near the cabinets, both on the upper cabinets and the lower had places where the stain had all but disappeared.  I considered painting them, even though that is not my strong suit, considered using Java Gel Stain on them.  Still hesitant about my skills.

I remembered that I had a can of Restore It Furniture rehab liquid that might help cover up some of the wear.  Even though the cabinets are honey colored, and the Restore It I had is walnut, I used it anyway.  Well, this stuff is wonderful.  It covered all the blemishes, gave a very clean look to the cabinets and didn't darken them over one shade.  They look like new!  I plan to get new hardware for this room.

I hung the tiers I found at Good Will in the laundry and mud rooms, and it is soooooo much brighter and cleaner in here. Maybe someday I'll get up the nerve to do something different, but this will help anyway.

I don't have a before picture showing the spots that were on the cabinets, but this is how the room looks now.

 Tiers in mud room and laundry room, and a new rug for the laundry room.
We probably have about 25 dollars in this little spruce up.

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