Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Beautiful Outdoor Day

Warning: picture overload  :)

Even though it was nice in the house today, it was just too pretty not to get outdoors and work with plants.

I only use this small space beside the step each year for my plants.  Last fall we brought this large plant holder from the lake. Right in front of the house is our drive, so this works good and it's a focal point when someone drives up.

I refilled my mother's old black iron pot, hung 2 ferns, and a hanging basket out neighbor at the lake made and gave to us.
Then a bird feeder, a rain chime, and hummingbird feeder were placed on it too.

While I planted my flowers, my husband pressure washed the pollen from the house.

I cornered my concrete bench, and need to get a few more plants for the small concrete pots.


Now to the screened porch.  Nothing different from last year, but I worked hard getting the pollen off the floor.  This color really shows it, and it was really deep.

You can see the apple trees in the distance.  Our property once was part of this huge orchard, and some of the neighbors kept part of their trees.

I stuck some white flowers and one rose in this urn for the table.

Our property stops where the mowed grass ends.  The darker green is a relatives pasture.

Every porch needs a swing.

I've had this garland a very long time, so I wrapped it onto this wire wreath form to make a wreath.

My ladder makes a plant tower.

So our porches are ready for the warmer months.

I have one more thing I have to share with you, bought at Good Will of course.  To me it is gorgeous.

 This lovely artwork was dingy around the edges, so I brought it home and painted the sides where the canvas is stretched to the back.  There were loose rusty staples.  Removed those, painted over the ones that were left.

 Someone's gorgeous work for around $1 and change!!

I love this painting.  It's in the sunroom on the aqua door.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Adding More Blues to the Sunroom

We are back in the mountains now.  We drove all day Sunday. It's a long way to the lakehouse, about 350 miles.  We split the driving when possible (when my sore feet will let me).  I've had chronic gout for a number or months, and now there is a big protrusion on the back of my ankle.  Haven't self-diagnosed that one yet!  :)  I bought a compression ankle support that holds heat in right on the spot that hurts, plus it gives support so that I can walk much better.  Yay!!

I had a hair appointment yesterday morning, so I made a quick trip through housewares in our Good Will.  I bought 2 picture frames, a paper towel holder, an adorable mixed media canvas, and a beautiful table cloth.  So, the sun room has some more blue now.

I don't believe this tablecloth had been used.  It is spotless, and fills like it has never been laundered.

I kept the tablescape simple.  White dishes from Wal Mart, silver ware, blue glasses, and napkins I made a couple years ago.

The centerpiece consists of 3 white candlesticks in various sizes.

The mixed media canvas goes well in the room.
Canvas cost .77

 View from kitchen and breakfast room.



I like the color as opposed to the crochet tablecloth.
(cost of tablecloth: $3.93)


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Friday, April 21, 2017

Mini Good Will Haul

I think I've said before that the Good Will here in S. GA, is not like ours in N. Georgia.  To begin with, it's small, and the prices are somewhat higher on most items.  They are more like a salvage store because they will have large quantities of certain items, like ladies sandals. They had some that were really cute, new, and for $13.  They had a whole rack of non-stick pans, still with the packaging on the front.  They were $12.99.  It's just quite different. The visit before this week was a really good one.  I found some wonderful bowls, a planter, a pretty sham.  This week I bought another sham, and a hobnail pitcher.  I think it is a syrup pitcher.  It's only 5" tall and has the knobs and bars.

hobnail pitcher (1.99)

pillow sham (1.99)  I'll show you where it landed in another post.

hobnail vase (with bars)
This belonged to my MIL.
S/P shakers are vintage

The plates are Currier & Ives, The Old Grist Mill

If anyone knows what the name of the white vase above is, please let me know in the comments.  We found it in one of the storage sheds.

I love having vintage items in this hutch.  Cookbooks go years back, and the Southern Living books on the left are from the 80's.  They all belonged to my MIL.

I painted the hutch some time ago, and we are enjoying the change.

So only 2 items from GW this time, but there wasn't lots of choice.

On another note, I've posted about clearing out some of my decorations stored in bins in the basement.  I'm happy to tell you I've emptied 6 bins.(I had 23 bins). There is a huge shelving unit that has lots of stuff that can go too.   I found it hard to purge Christmas decor, but by the time I got to them, I was tired. So I'll go through them another day.  I plan to purge lots of table linens as well.  I love table cloths and runners, and have so many that I need to really let some go.  I'm planning a yard sale when I'm through purging.  Prices will be low, because I want it gone!!  

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easy Rocker Update

We love this old wooden rocker that belonged to my husband's grandmother.  It is still in awesome condition, but I keep it in the bedroom because I don't want it used.  I'm afraid it might get damaged.  The finish, as far as I know is original to the chair.  The seat had horse hair stuffing when I first tried to recover it.

It was a sight to behold, and in poor shape as far as the seat went.

I've had this rocker every color in the book, brown, blue, white, blue floral, every color.  While in Wal Mart, I generally look in the remnants bin.  You can get good sized pieces of fabric for less.  I found a 2 yard remnant for $9.00, and it had aqua in the colors, so it was mine!!

I came straight home and made new covers for the rocking chair.

First though let me show you all the times it's been "redone".
The very first time I covered it was before blogging days, so no photo and it was a medium blue with stripes and roses.

Then I covered it in plaid corduroy.

Next it was blue with flowers, shown below.

Current look is below:

This is such an easy, quick project.  Lift the seat out, cover using fabric and staples, then sew an envelope pillow cover for the pillow I have on the back.  If you are not able to sew, iron on tape would work just as well, and you could probably do the sewing by hand or use fabric glue.

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Blessings

EASTER IS HERE!!  I've placed a few items throughout the house to honor our Lord for the supreme sacrifice.  Without Him and the crucifixion, we would have no hope for the hereafter. At least that is what I believe. I believe Jesus is the Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary, crucified, buried, and that He is risen and sits beside the Father in Heaven.  That is where my strength comes from.  God gave His ONLY son for us, and He lives today and is our intercessor to the Father.

To signify the importance of the season, I have some very special pieces to share with you today.

First, the last supper,

Belonged to my Mother in Law,

This picture hung in our dining room when I was a very little girl.  I'm sure my Mother cut it from a calendar, at least that's the way it looks.  The frame is in horrible condition, so I put a row of Washi tape around the old part, then attached the entire piece to the back of this empty frame I had.  I like it this way.  The picture is so old, I'm afraid to try to remove it from the frame.  I believe it would be so brittle that it would fall to pieces.  I know this is over 50 years old, and depicts Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane where He prayed for the cup (crucifixion) to be passed from Him.  But it was appointed unto Him to die.

And of course, the Cross,


The most important reason for Easter celebration is the religious story, but we decorators love to add in some symbols of spring, and I've done that as well.

We always add in a few bunnies.

I met these 2 cuties at the Good Will.

Here, the placement of the lamb reminds me of the sacrificial Lamb, the Son of God, crucified for our sins that we may have eternal life.

The cross is the ultimate symbol of our Christian faith.

 Colorful bunnies are always welcome in Easter or Spring decor.

I'm wishing all my friends a blessed Easter, our symbol of new life, starting over, forgiven, the ultimate sacrifice, given for you and me!  Unworthy, but so blessed!!

Happy Easter, all!!

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