Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Adding More Blues to the Sunroom

We are back in the mountains now.  We drove all day Sunday. It's a long way to the lakehouse, about 350 miles.  We split the driving when possible (when my sore feet will let me).  I've had chronic gout for a number or months, and now there is a big protrusion on the back of my ankle.  Haven't self-diagnosed that one yet!  :)  I bought a compression ankle support that holds heat in right on the spot that hurts, plus it gives support so that I can walk much better.  Yay!!

I had a hair appointment yesterday morning, so I made a quick trip through housewares in our Good Will.  I bought 2 picture frames, a paper towel holder, an adorable mixed media canvas, and a beautiful table cloth.  So, the sun room has some more blue now.

I don't believe this tablecloth had been used.  It is spotless, and fills like it has never been laundered.

I kept the tablescape simple.  White dishes from Wal Mart, silver ware, blue glasses, and napkins I made a couple years ago.

The centerpiece consists of 3 white candlesticks in various sizes.

The mixed media canvas goes well in the room.
Canvas cost .77

 View from kitchen and breakfast room.



I like the color as opposed to the crochet tablecloth.
(cost of tablecloth: $3.93)


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