Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Back Home

Our home in the mountains of NE GA, is almost perfect to me. Just rural enough.  5 to 12 miles in any direction will place you in one small town or another, each with their own special character.

Since getting back, I've done a little shopping at the Good Will.

I've bought several books, a milk glass vase, and some Easter bunnies; a few plates, a table runner, and a few things like that.

I told you here about revamping the master bedroom with a new coverlet, recovering Grandma's rocker, and a few other things.

I got the bunnies and the cross-stitched picture at Good Will. Each piece was $1.91.


Plates always make lovely backdrops and I buy them often.  We saw one very similar to this blue and white plate at a Cracler Barrel.  My husband commented on how much he liked it then I found this one and got it for him.  I'm on the lookout for one more.

I like layering bedding.  Here I've used 2 dust ruffles.

One of the builtins decorated for Easter.

No place like home!!

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