Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Recent Good Will Finds and How I am Using Them

I've been hitting the Good Will stores frequently in the last 3 weeks, and have bought some neat treasures.

The plate and the lampshade are recent finds.

Yesterday I purchased the vase on the right and the 2 pictures The artist, Abigail makes her art from pressed flowers. The lamp shades came in a package of 2.  The  shades were marked @ 5.99 ea., new in packages.  So they were new for $2.92.

I liked the frames, too. I admire this artists work!  So pretty.

 This vase was found some time ago, and the two of them work fine together.

The look showing the wall, a sort of gallery look.

This cabinet is called a hall cabinet and was made nearby my home.  I've managed to keep it the original color.

Last week I found a large package or round balls in aqua and white. So I put them in the bowl on top of the crystal curio.

Recently we eat at the bar.  I found these BHG placemats new with tags.

 This bunch of tulips are silk, and are wrapped with ribbon like a bouquet, or a tussie mussie.  I think they go well with the picture of tulips also a good will find.

Another bouquet with ribbon and lace.

 I placed it on the aqua door in the sun room.

I love decorating this door.  It gets changed quite a bit.

These came from Good Will.

Found this frame still in the box.  The picture is my grandson and his fiancee.

I couldn't believe I found this embroidered purse.  It hangs in the guest room. The one that I found online that is most similar states it is vintage 40's & 50's.

I've been to our local Good Will, but also visited two that are in other counties.  Ours is cleaner and neater than most, but it's fun to see what can be found.

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PS:  I'm seriously considering having a "bin" sale.  I have at least 30 large bins in the basement full of home accessories/decorative pieces.  I want to pick out just enough for me to have 1 bin for each holiday, and sell the rest.  I know it will be hard.  But I think it would be a good way to sell some of my things.

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