Sunday, April 2, 2017

Rural Getaway

We just spent a few days in South GA at our home there.  The seasons are about 3 weeks ahead of North GA where we live the majority of the time.

The yards are starting to turn green and there was no way
to keep my husband off the mower. Much as it is at home, I use those times to do things inside.  It's an easy home to clean, and though we relax while there and get a little messy, half a morning can have everything back to spic and span.

We are separated from the lake by a graveled road and a row of homes that are directly on the lake.  My husband's father bought the property originally, and this was his preference. Since alligators have been spotted many times next to the homes on the water, I agree with Mr. Jack! Across the road it is.
Looking across the road at the water.

This is the back side or our little cottage.  Both sides have wonderful porches which are a necessity once the mosquitos and gnats begin to fly.  At least we can sit outside in peace.
All the guys in the community congregate on the porches to discuss everything from politics to the weather.  My job at those times is to keep the coffee made.  It's a very simple way of life here.
We do occasionally go a couple of miles up the road to the Dollar General.  Our name for it is the Mall.  It's really a blessing to have it here, or we would drive 17 to 20 miles to the store.  So the community feels very lucky to have "the Mall".

When there's no basement, outbuildings are a must.  These are very old, but work out just right for us.

This shelter for the car was built many years ago, but we still use it.  The cement footing did belong to another storage building, that got torn down at some point.   My husband's father, Jack, built the car shed.

Soon the growth on the trees will hide our view of the water, but it's just a few steps if we want to go down there.

The hydrangeas are beginning to put on new growth and buds.

This is our well house.  We also own the three lots behind the well house.  The autos you see belong to a  neighbor.

Closer shot of our 3 extra lots.  The water tank belongs to another property owner.

Front view.

Hope you enjoyed this little getaway with us to Lake Seminole.  Next time I'll take you to the Mall.

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