Friday, May 5, 2017

Finding a New Spot for the Wing Back Chair

Since we gave away lots of things at the lake house, I've enjoyed working in both of the guest rooms.  I think my favorite is the one on the back side of the house.  But I like the other too.  Anyway, we have had the wingback chair below in the master bedroom for a couple of years.

It was originally in the living room.

In Living Room

There just wasn't a spot in the bedroom where we didn't stub our toes on it during the night if we got up for anything.  So my sweetie helped me move it yesterday to the back guest room.

In master bedroom, right in eht pathway to the bathroom.

I went through the house looking for a good place for the chair, and found a perfect spot.
By moving the nightstand to the other side of the bed,in this guest room I had the perfect spot.  The sham I found this week at GW landed in this chair.
Quilt (Good Will)
Rose garland above the mirror.

Sham: Good Will

This night stand is all we kept from the french provincial suit that was in this room.  I gave it a makeover with chalk paint. I wasn't sure the paint would adhere to the slick top, but it did and shows no signs of chipping.

I thought about covering the chair with a loose covering that could be removed for washing, and that would better match the room.

As I said earlier, the quilt is from Good Will, so are the sheets, pillow cases, shams.  The sheets were new in the package, and everything else was clean and in good condition, but they got a good hot wash the minute I got home

The varying bedding patterns work because the colors are similar.  

The blue of the chair ties in with the blue vintage table we purchased for the t.v.

It's hard to see the table is blue.

Another option for the chair is this large throw.  It gives the chair a cozier look, and better matches the color scheme than the plaid. (Throw belonged to my MIL).  At present, it is just draped over the chair, but I might take some t-pins and attach it.

Wouldn't this make a good spot to read, or watch t.v.? Cozy!

I like it with the throw and this pillow, the cozier look.  I believe the entire cost of making  over this room is now around 20.00. This room originally had a queen size bed, a chest of drawers, a double dresser, night stand and t.v.  We gave all that away and placed one twin bed in each bedroom. I have to admit, if I were to come here alone, this is the room I would use. It's more feminine than the other guest room, and I just love it.

What do you think about the chair, use the throw on it, or leave the blue plaid?  Feel free to tell me in the comments.

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