Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How I'm Using Today's Good Will Finds

My husband had to get up really early this morning for a doctor's appointment near Atlanta, so I got up early as well.  I changed the bed, got the laundry started, and took off to the Good Will.  Tuesday's are Senior Discount Day of 25%. They didn't have a whole lot on the shelves I usually go to first, but I found some neat items.

I found this whimsical picture that I could not resist.

If I had this in a huge print and frame, it would go above my fireplace!  I just love this and it seems like I've seen larger copies.  It was either 99c of 77c minus the discount.

Another item that I was thrilled to find was this rug that ended up costing around $8.00.  The colors and design work perfectly on the screened porch.

When my husband is out of the house, it's the ideal time to do a little furniture switching.

We bought this drop front desk in Alabama a few months ago, and it's been in the living room, dining room, now, today, I moved it to the office.

The corner is a little crowded but this is an odd shaped room, and I have to have a spot for the printer.

And of course this room acts as a 2nd guest room.  The loveseat makes a twin bed and its presence in the room makes it more crowded too, but it sure comes in handy at times.  I can't forget, it's the perfect spot to cuddle with a book from the cabinet.

Plenty to choose from, and I bought 4 more books today!

Where did the table that was in the office go?  In the dining room.

With it in the dining room, it can serve as extra seating, dessert table, and it only protrudes 2" farther into the room than the drop front desk.  I brought the table cover from the master bedroom to cover the table.

I keep distilled water under the table beside the bed, for the bi-pap machine, so I had to cover underneath the table to hide those jugs of water.

I found this sweet mirror.  This is just how I found it.  It looks really old.

Mother's Day gift (sign) from my daughter.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing what I bought at Good Will on Tuesday!  Have a great day!

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