Monday, May 29, 2017

Shopping for Bargains & You Know Where!!

I have recently been obsessed with shopping Good Will.  I mean worse than usual!!  Do they have a pill for that?   I'm going to show you photos of items I have gotten without spending a fortune.  Warning: picture overload.  Get you something to drink or snack on!

My favorite color in these tabbed panels. Together they were $7+.  Once I opened them I found that one was 73" and one was 84".  Not a problem.  I just cut the long one to 73". They look good along with those in the family room and dining room.
I'm going to make rod covers out of the leftover fabric, to cover the cheap rods in the sun room.
A gorgeous dove.  No chips. 

I found the hen in the chair first, then another day, the tin, so I added faux succulents to it, and they are on the hall tree.

Two matching pillows for the sofa, in perfect condition and my favorite color, aqua included!

I bought this wood box at an antique store, and used it to make a new centerpiece for the coffee table.  It holds 3 bottles with lavender, an adorable squirrel.  The squirrel was found at Good Will, and I purchased the bottles and lavender at Hobby Lobby.

I found this sweet lamp at Good Will for less than $5.00.  It has one small chip on the base, but goes well with my new lamps.

I bought a pair of these for the family room, after one of the old ones was broken.  These are from Wal Mart, and were a little expensive, but I like them, and they have night lights in the bottom.

I found a pair of these pillows for $1.21 each, before my discount.  I'm using them on the screened porch.

Look at this gorgeous galvanized pail someone painted.  It's on the screened porch holding a plant, but I might decide on another idea for using it.

Good Will mirror, trimmed in blue.

Picture of an old hat.  Love this!

I have a sweet friend who helps me in the house every other Friday.  Her mother (92) knew I collected pitchers, and sent this to me.  It's a Haviland, and matches a blue one I have.

And look what I found at GW to go with the blue one.

the matching sugar bowl.

The tiny creamer on the 
 shelf was from my friend, Pam.

I got 2 pieces of this fabric, and this one is perfect for the table I've moved into the breakfast nook.  It got moved numerous times before I settled for this!!

This sofa table was moved to this side of the room, and I'm using it like a dressing table.

At one of the stores I went
to, they had glass ware pieces for like 55c, and it was Sr. Day so I got all these for practically nothing.  I'll show you another day what I did with them.

Isn't this a cute purse?

Back side of purse.

Another cute purse.  I'm going to see if my granddaughter wants it.

Nice sturdy bin in my colors!  It's nice to corral all my meds on my counter top.

2 small  pix for the bath.

I was going to try to skip GW today, in fact I told myself I couldn't go for 5 days!  I lied!!  Went right on and got more stuff!

Here are the items I grabbed today!!
 A chicken wire basket, holds lots of fruit!

I know I have a problem!  I've really got to stop this.  Things don't cost much, but when you go like I do, it can run into  money!! And of course I bought books, 5 or 6 I think.

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