Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Simple Project

Recently, I came upon lots of small glass items at an out-of-town Good Will.  They were priced around 55c to 77c and a couple were 99c.  It was on a Tuesday, so I got 25% off anyway. I found small glass pedestals, small glass plates, white plates, candle holders, etc.  So I got out the Elmer's Glue All because my Gorilla Glue had hardened, and created these items.

These are great on your dressing table to hold jewelry or polish.

Made from 2 identical white candle holders one turned upright, and one upside down, with a floral bowl glued on as the tray.

2 candle sticks, a plate, and a small bowl with a peacock.

2 candle holders, a white plate, and a glass dish
a Glass pedestal, a dish, a turquoise candleholde
a tall candle stick, a short pedestal dish, and a vase

I found all these at the same store and couldn't wait to get home to see what I could do.  I used every piece, and only used glue to adhere them.  They make nice places to put your jewelry, place one in your guest bath or bedroom for their use. Some place them in their yard for bird feeders.

When you are thrifting, it's fun to find these pretty pieces and see what you can make from them.  The Elmer's Glue All worked well.  Try this if you already have lots of little chipped bowls, and candlesticks.  These candlesticks can be purchased for a dollar all the time at the Dollar Tree.

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