Sunday, May 7, 2017

This and That

A dash into Good Will and I found this picture featuring birds. Not that I needed another picture of birds, but I just like them.

Please excuse the glare coming from the dining room.  It's double matted, and was only $4.94.

I also found two large pieces of fabric.  One was 2 yards at 48" wide.  I used it to make curtains for the dining room, but haven't hung them yet.  Haven't felt like climbing.  The fabric is the same as the background in the frame below.  This fabric was $2.92.

I stapled a scrap of it onto this aqua frame and hung the new artwork I found at GW in the center of it.  I had enough still to make a runner.  I just need to hem the remnant.

The second roll of fabric  had about 5 yards.  I used it to cover over the love-seat sleeper in the office/library.  It is a very pale blue with a pattern.  The photo doesn't do it justice.

I simply cut it into 2 pieces and it made a good sofa cover in the office.  I rearranged the room. It's a cozy spot to read, and lots of books to choose from in the cabinet.  It's FULL!

I will figure out another option for the cubby.  I'm not sure what because I need it for the printer and modem, etc. 

 The fabric is just pinned on.  Nothing permanent.

I changed the vignette on top of the jelly cupboard and then revamped several more.

I decided the large rooster plate would look good on the cupboard.

I added flowers to this pitcher in the sun room.

I love the neutral look of this wall and table.  It allows the frame and picture to be the focal point.

I switched pictures above the pie cupboard.  The one on the left was bought.  The other 2, I painted.

This vignette is in the family room below the aqua frame with the picture hanging inside.

I have searched high and low today for a picture I have of my mother.  It was framed for a long time and sat in different spots in the house.  I'm sure, I stuck it somewhere for safety.  Just wish I knew where.

Hope everyone has a great week.

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