Thursday, June 29, 2017

Three Thrifty Treasures

Last week we went to Savannah to a shower for my grandson and his fiancé.  We went on Wednesday, with all these plans of what we were going to do, but we didn't do a whole lot.  I did manage to get to one Good Will by promising my husband a breakfast at Cracker Barrel! :)

I didn't spend much at all , and these are the things that came home with me.

This tray, originally priced at 14.99, for $1.99.  I'm using it on the screened porch table.

Sweet candle holder in my favorite color.

This flawless sugar bowl in milk glass was the subject of discussion at the cash register between 2 cashiers.  I was asked if I found the top, no I didn't. They looked at the price (2.99). That is ridiculous  they said.   So I don't really know what the piece would have been worth, more than 2.99 or less?  No idea!  Don't know if it was too little, or too much in their opinion.  Okay, I just found it on ebay priced at 10.99 + over $7. for shipping.  Guess that answers my question.  On Ebay, it is called "Vintage milk glass chalice communion cup or sugar bowl, two handles."  It did not have a top either.

This Good Will wasn't like most.  Very disorganized.  I had to wait for a gentlemen to check out to get a cart.  Everything was a terrible mess, just piled on shelves in no particular order.

 Something funny (and gross) know how some people get the really long fingernails put on, the ones that curl downward? Someone lost one on a shelf.  It was painted orange and yellow,  and had fallen off on the shelf, there it laid!  Kinda sickening!  I was about ready to gag and run out of the store.  

The store was very small as well, smaller than the Dollar General stores.  I was proud of the items I found.  But lots of their items were priced very high.   Not a place I would go again!
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Roses & Butterflies

I was shopping my favorite store on Saturday, and found some great treasures.

This porcelain piece, below,  is my favorite part of this haul.


I couldn't believe I found another Willow Tree.  Most of mine came from GW.

Found this nice piece of crystal,

much like the larger one below.

I found some nice shirts to wear around home.
The polka dot Kim Rogers is in very nice condition.

I found, new in bag, a Noble Excellence coverlet, King size, with 2 shams. I priced it online at $199.00.  I gave $13.91.
I also found 2 very nice picture frames.  I carried 3 or 4 more items around with me, but ended up deciding what I liked best. There was a gorgeous gold dish, a 3 tiered stacked container, a piece of tangerine colored glass, and a picture of a little girl, that I really wanted, but I couldn't get them all, well I could have, but I didn't.  All in all it was a great trip with some new favorite finds.  The roses and butterflies figurine sits beside the porcelain vase I found a little earlier.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Gorgeous Vase

Sometimes when I'm shopping, I will mindlessly walk down the aisles not noticing everything.  Then at the end of the aisle, I'll look back from a distance to see if anything catches my eye. That's how I found this gorgeous vase.  At  first I just plopped the pink tulips in the vase, but it wasn't the look I wanted.

Isn't the vase unique?  Not a chip anywhere.

Today, I went to Wal Mart, and found exactly the flowers for the look I wanted.  I bought 4 stems @ $2.00 each.  A pink magnolia, pink hydrangea, white magnolia, and a stem with several small magnolias.  The softness of the colors were exactly what I wanted.

It's on the hall tree, and the scarf is one that belonged to my MIL, and has pink and white crocheted trim, and the little girls with crocheted bonnet.  I can't remember the name of those right now.  Maybe Bo Peep.  My next post will show what I later found to go with this!  

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Thursday, June 15, 2017


If you assume that the place I shop most is Good Will, you are right.  For this Friday, I'm going to show you some recent goodies from there.

Gorgeous tureen.  I'm on the lookout for a white glass spoon for it.

 The dish and small cloche.
 Milk Glass, found several pieces that day.

 I've found lots of crystal.

 I had never seen this in black.  Love it!

Lovely aqua bottle.

 Maybe a butter dish.  The plate has sides that fit snugly beneath domed top.

Plate, and all but one of the Willow Tree collection.

 What's not to love about this dove?

 Recently found this little purple lidded jar.  So pretty.
Lamp, frame, pink box and vase, all from Good Will.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Ways to Add Your Favorite Color to a Room

I have placed some turquoise accents in the guest room, so now it goes with the rest of the house.

Some of the easiest ways to add a favorite color to a room, is with pillows, throws, candles, pictures, etc. I've made a few changes in the guest room again.

I placed the white quilt on this bed a few weeks ago, and since I decided to add some turquoise accessories, I switched out the curtains with some I already had.

 I hung curtains that are sheer, but have aqua and green and taupe print on them, along with a turquoise throw, and a green pillow.

The little dress is the one I was wearing when our house burned.  I was 2 years old, and my Mother had made the dress from a flour or feed sack.  She saved it for years and I'll always keep it.
Turquoise accessories are on the night stand, and now this door can be used to enter the screened porch.

That's how easy it is to add your favorite color to a room. Just shop your house.

You don't have to have lots of the color, just enough to give your room interest.

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

House Number & Plaque DIY

I was in Lowe's a few days ago and bought new house numbers. We took ours down when the house was last painted and had never put them back.

I almost bought a small white plaque to put the numbers on, but it wasn't what I wanted, so I didn't get it.

Since then, about 2 weeks, I've been scoping out the "wood" items in Good Will, and have almost settled for items, that I didn't really like but knew I could paint and work with them. Again, I waited.

Then I went for Sr. Day, and found what I wanted.

Look at the shape of this frame, and the way it is distressed. Pure perfection, except the burlap is dirty, much worse than it seems in the photo!

I didn't think but I could have just painted over the burlap, and had a white background without all the work of taking this apart.  It wasn't really meant to be taken apart, but I figured out a way to do it.

I got out some of my scraps of fabric and decided to use this piece.

I hung it right beside the front door.

I am very happy with the look of the sign.  Love the curves and think it turned out really well.  Cost of frame with burlap, 2.92 - 25% discount!!  The only other items I purchased was a candle holder in blue, a blue plate that you could put ribbons through, and a large plate, dated 1962, and a wallet,  $9.00.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Giving the Guest Bath a Mini-Makeover

If you've followed a while, you know how much I love aqua in any shade! I have some in most rooms of my home, and am adding the color to the rooms that don't have any.  I think after this it will only be the guest room, which will be easily remedied.

This makeover as usual, was made using items I found at Good Will.  As my husband was unloading a truckload of donations, I went in the front door, and came out with more stuff!  My granddaughter and I had a yard sale (in the basement) on Saturday, and did pretty well for a five hour sale.  We went over $100, and it was mostly small items I was getting rid of.  My husband cleaned out his closet while we were having the sale, so a mound of clothing did not sell, but Good Will certainly got a lot of good donations.  Lots of his clothes had the tags still on them.  There was actually an entire load on a Ford F-250!

What did I get to redo my guest bath?  Just a few items.

I got the shower curtain (2.63),

The tissue box cover, .99, the basket to hold tissue, 1.91,

The small turquoise mirror, a little over $2.00.  So this mini makeover was around $7.00.  Not bad at all, and it uses aqua!!

I got 2 of these pails at good will some time ago, and brought them in to hold the washcloths, and

to hold the lamp so its base is aqua.  I already had the towel, and added DT napkins to the bronze tray for those wishing paper towels.

I changed the towel to a white one, and added aqua washcloths to the rod, and pinned a small doily on with a pendant from my grandson.  The bird theme was already going on in here, so I added them to this wall for a gallery wall.

A wicker box I painted turquoise holds magazines.  I think I'll paint a bench I already have and bring it into the room.
(well, I painted a fleur de lis on the bench and brought it into the room).

I draped the aqua scarf on the space saver a few days ago, and I like it there. it mimics a window in a room without one.

When you want to change things up for little to no money, don't forget your bargain stores, thrift stores, and Good Will.  You can make changes easily without going over budget.  See how well I did by sneaking in right behind my husband?

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