Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Giving the Guest Bath a Mini-Makeover

If you've followed a while, you know how much I love aqua in any shade! I have some in most rooms of my home, and am adding the color to the rooms that don't have any.  I think after this it will only be the guest room, which will be easily remedied.

This makeover as usual, was made using items I found at Good Will.  As my husband was unloading a truckload of donations, I went in the front door, and came out with more stuff!  My granddaughter and I had a yard sale (in the basement) on Saturday, and did pretty well for a five hour sale.  We went over $100, and it was mostly small items I was getting rid of.  My husband cleaned out his closet while we were having the sale, so a mound of clothing did not sell, but Good Will certainly got a lot of good donations.  Lots of his clothes had the tags still on them.  There was actually an entire load on a Ford F-250!

What did I get to redo my guest bath?  Just a few items.

I got the shower curtain (2.63),

The tissue box cover, .99, the basket to hold tissue, 1.91,

The small turquoise mirror, a little over $2.00.  So this mini makeover was around $7.00.  Not bad at all, and it uses aqua!!

I got 2 of these pails at good will some time ago, and brought them in to hold the washcloths, and

to hold the lamp so its base is aqua.  I already had the towel, and added DT napkins to the bronze tray for those wishing paper towels.

I changed the towel to a white one, and added aqua washcloths to the rod, and pinned a small doily on with a pendant from my grandson.  The bird theme was already going on in here, so I added them to this wall for a gallery wall.

A wicker box I painted turquoise holds magazines.  I think I'll paint a bench I already have and bring it into the room.
(well, I painted a fleur de lis on the bench and brought it into the room).

I draped the aqua scarf on the space saver a few days ago, and I like it there. it mimics a window in a room without one.

When you want to change things up for little to no money, don't forget your bargain stores, thrift stores, and Good Will.  You can make changes easily without going over budget.  See how well I did by sneaking in right behind my husband?

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