Thursday, June 29, 2017

Three Thrifty Treasures

Last week we went to Savannah to a shower for my grandson and his fiancé.  We went on Wednesday, with all these plans of what we were going to do, but we didn't do a whole lot.  I did manage to get to one Good Will by promising my husband a breakfast at Cracker Barrel! :)

I didn't spend much at all , and these are the things that came home with me.

This tray, originally priced at 14.99, for $1.99.  I'm using it on the screened porch table.

Sweet candle holder in my favorite color.

This flawless sugar bowl in milk glass was the subject of discussion at the cash register between 2 cashiers.  I was asked if I found the top, no I didn't. They looked at the price (2.99). That is ridiculous  they said.   So I don't really know what the piece would have been worth, more than 2.99 or less?  No idea!  Don't know if it was too little, or too much in their opinion.  Okay, I just found it on ebay priced at 10.99 + over $7. for shipping.  Guess that answers my question.  On Ebay, it is called "Vintage milk glass chalice communion cup or sugar bowl, two handles."  It did not have a top either.

This Good Will wasn't like most.  Very disorganized.  I had to wait for a gentlemen to check out to get a cart.  Everything was a terrible mess, just piled on shelves in no particular order.

 Something funny (and gross) know how some people get the really long fingernails put on, the ones that curl downward? Someone lost one on a shelf.  It was painted orange and yellow,  and had fallen off on the shelf, there it laid!  Kinda sickening!  I was about ready to gag and run out of the store.  

The store was very small as well, smaller than the Dollar General stores.  I was proud of the items I found.  But lots of their items were priced very high.   Not a place I would go again!
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