Summer Time is for Porch Sitting

Our home is practically surrounded with porches.....practically, and we enjoy everyone.

I want to show you the latest look of the screened porch, not a whole lot of difference, but a favorite location around here.
Accessories, by Good Will!  :)

 rug, from Good Will

Bird  house, Good Will

 Pillow: Good Will
 Pillows: Good Will

 A favorite plant, succulents, a gift from my boss when I retired.  They have done so well!


 I found this adorable flower cart at GW for less than $6.

 Tray, GW, 1.99

Then there is the stoop going into the mud and laundry room.  It's very small, and I have managed to fill it up.  It's like a little alcove, and I love to sit on it and watch the birds at the feeders, and hear my little DIY water feature.

I bought a table and brought these very OLD chairs up from the basement.  No room for anything else.

We changed up the front porch as well.  We bought new adirondack chairs and cushions, then I painted the rockers to match and bought matching cushions.  

I resurrected this burlap wreath and added the green flowers and the wonderful sign I won in a giveaway.  Artwork by Celestina Marie.

So take your pick, and we'll pour some lemonade and enjoy the outdoors.

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