Thursday, July 27, 2017

What a Month!

Here it is, almost the end of July, and what a month it has been! We had an accident at the lake house in early July requiring a new garage (not finished).  I had a terrible premonition about makeng this trip and stayed home a week after the husband left to have the work done.

Finally I left on a Monday, and took the long way to by pass Atlanta.  I was uncomfortable the entire time I was driving down, but finally made it late on Monday evening.  We had a light dinner an went to bed.  On Tuesday, I worked a little in the house, then on Wednesday, I became so lethargic all I could do was lie in bed.  By Thursday morning, I was in dire straights with stomach upset.  Everytime I moved, I had terrible diarrhea.  This went on for 5 of 6 days.  We went to the local hospital which was more like a prison movie back in the day.  It was filthy, I was my own clean up crew, and the bleeding was getting worse and worse.  Finally on Sunday morning, I told the Dr. I wanted to check out Against Medical Advice.  Of course I had to be refused 3 times, and told he would NOT release me.  I told him to produce the papers, I was leaving, and I did.  I knew if I didn't get to some real care, I would not live through the week.  I could tell I was very near death, and I was not afraid. My husband carried me to Southeast Hospital in Dothan AL, about 40 miles from the lake house.  Thank God!  They almost coded me.  I was very near death.  What I have is a rare blood disorder that averages only 4 in a million.  Thankfully these physicians here specialize in this field, and I'm now beginning to mend.  We will probably live at the lake for a while since it is close to these doctors.  They are working as a team, and have been the most attentive physicians I've everyhad the experience of having.  They are in my room by 7:45 in the mornings, and I see 6 or more a day.  I've had to have my plasma replaced, platelets replaced a shunt into my neck to receive  diaylisis twice.  My kidneys were damaged by huge doses of antibiotics so be careful what you take, then it's just a guess.

My grandson was married on the 22nd, which I had to miss, but as soon as they let me I'll show you the gorgeous pictures.  

My dr. told me today that I'm going to be fine!  I know I've had lots of powerful prayers going up on my behalf and I appreciate it so much. (Thanks, Debbie Booth)!!

If this isn't enough, my niece of 62 passed away this morning from brain cancer that had begun with breast cancer over 4 years ago.  She has fought so hard.  Please keep her family in your prayers.

And besides this, my sweet granddaughter's dog was run over and killed last Sunday, so there's mourning everywhere around our homes.  At least there is hope for Joy in the Morning.    This month also marks a year since my stepson fell and became paralyzed.

So if you are a praying person, please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  God bless you all and never be forgetful to be thankful for good health.  You can be fine one moment and almost gone the next.

I hope to be back to NGa before very long, but will probably be  a while yet.

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