Wednesday, July 5, 2017

While He Mows the Lawn.....

This post was written around Easter on a visit to the lake house.  It was in draft form and I had never published it. Publishing on July 5, 2017.

Even though we are not able to visit the lake home as much as we would like, we want it to be comfortable, and just as the home in the mountains, it has collections and trinkets that create a homey look.  While the husband does the outdoor work, I fluff and nest.

I've shopped the Good Will near the lake house a couple of times, but didn't buy anything.....until this time.  I went on Tuesday and found several nice items that I worked into different areas inside our home.

First, these wonderful bowls, I think this one is probably a planter, but it looks so pretty just sitting on the bookcase which I brought from the bedroom into the living room.

This blue and yellow bowl is exceptionally nice, and reminds me of one I found at our Good Will in North Ga.  These bunnies came from Dollar General.

The green vase was filled with these orange plastic grapes, etc.
They will get thrown away, but I really liked the vase.  It looks like a McCoy planter, but is marked USA.

This sweet yellow and white lidded piece reminds me of an egg cup, but it held a candle.  So delicate. I don't know what it would be called, if you do, let me know in a comment.

This sweet bunny needed a good home, so she hopped into my cart.  Love this little bunny with her spool legs.  So cute all dressed up in her Easter frock.

This gorgeous sham was only $1.99. I knew it would work with the bedding in the back bedroom, because though different patterns, they are all floral and in the same shades.

 See the sweet bird?

 and blue birds.....

So here is how it looks, this mix and match bedding, all from various Good Will stores.  That's what I like to do, find a piece here and there, and use them together.  As long as the hues and colors work, the patterns will work together.

One other item flew right into my cart too.

 See the bird?
With my Good Will items, and a basket I bought from Tractor Supply, I was able to do a gallery wall of sorts.    Y'all know I was happy as could be having "new" things to arrange.

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