Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Little Nesting

I've been home  a week now and am feeling much better.  I have been doing a few very easy things because y'all know I have to switch things around a little to survive!! You might remember some time back when I found the hutch top at Good Will and placed it on my old Hoosier cabinet that the top was missing from. 

I loved it all done up in red, so for a change it seemed simple enough and not to tiring to shop the house and go with some blue and white, since
I replaced the rug in the mud room for this bright blue one.

I had already found kitchen type tiers at GW with blue and white, so now the colors flow well in the mud and laundry rooms.

 Rug:  Lowe's

I painted the lamp shade blue, 

I decided I don't like the items on the hoosier top, so that will get changed.

Made a couple of changes to the accessories, so we'll enjoy blue and white for a while in the mud room.

Update on health issues:

I know lots of times after a stay in the hospital, you have some sort of brain fog!  Y'all, I've got it. I didn't think I would ever get this short post up.  But wanted to touch base and let you know I'm still out here.  I go to a new Doctor on Friday for my kidneys, hoping for good reports.  I'm also going to get an appointment for a Hematologist due to the TTP disorder.  I want to be sure to have someone nearby who is knowledgable simply because of the distance to my Dr. in Dothan.  I will continue to see him regularly, because I feel he saved my life, and knows his profession.  You know that just means the world when you are as close to death as I was.

I'm eating right, and with the meds for fluid retention, and the amount the dialysis removed, I am 40 pounds lighter than I was on July 10th when it all started, but this would not have been my choice for weight loss and not something I would wish on my worst enemy.  It has been an eye opening experience, and has taught me not to put off telling your family and friends what they mean to you.  I have some of the dearest friends in the world and we now have plans to not miss our lunch dates.  So tell those you love that you do, get together every time you can.  This is so important as we age, and we need that closeness, and the sharing and feeling that we always have someone there for us.

My feet and legs are not swollen now, got back into my regular shoes.  I had to buy shoes for church last week 3 sizes larger than normal so I could go.  Wouldn't gonna church has been wonderful, I heard from our pastor very regularly, with prayers via phone.  My new church home is amazing, and I doubt I will ever go anywhere else.  I'm right where I need to be!

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