Thursday, August 10, 2017

Reminders of Home

Tomorrow will be a month since I've been at home at Shadymont.  I don't think I've ever stayed away this long.  Illnesses that pop up when you are away, don't get you back home in a hurry.  I go back for follow up at Dothan (50 miles) on the 16th, and hope I will be allowed to go back to my beloved mountains after that.  I am still swollen from all I've been through, retaining fluid in my feet and ankles, but am very hopeful.  My husband and I made a trip to Wal Mart for some groceries, yesterday, me sporting one of the electric carts.  It came in very handy and the outing did me a world of good.  Staying inside for close to a month doesn't keep my spirits up.  So that helped pass the day, and we have plenty of fresh veggies and fruits now.

I thought since I've been so depressed, and missing my home there, I would just share a few photos that you may or may not have seen, but will give me  a feeling of getting back there.

My daughter has kept a close check on the home, and her friend has kept our yards cut. Don't know what we would do without family and friends.  And I can't forget all the prayers, you have all been great to remember me. The gory details of this illness are discussed in the previous post.  It is called TTP and is found in 4 of a million people.  It causes clots in the very small vesels which can damage the brain, kidneys, heart, etc.   In fact I have acute kidney damage from all the high powered antibiotics given in the first hospital I was in.

No matter how nice it is, or comfortable, I am ready to leave the lake house and head back home to the mountains.

This post may be kinda long, because, I'm refreshing my memories of my nesting place.  Not that the lake house isn't one too, I'm just a little ready for a different view.

I have enjoyed my small garden so much this year and am anxious to see how it all looks now.

I had just created a new coffee drinking spot on the small stoop, goods found at Good Will. It joins the garden area.

I had recently refurbished this burlap wreath from a year or two ago.  Celestina Marie made the lovely garden sign, I had made the aqua rosettes, a while back. I love the colors on my front door.

Soon..................I miss it so much!!!  

PS:  I'll soon share photos of my grandson's wedding I had to miss due to being hospitalized.  It was gorgeous from what I've seen, and this was one heartbroken Meem to have to miss it.  I had to accept that I could not change that situation, but if I could have, I would have.

This disorder is all new to me and I don't know a lot about the outcome, treatment, etc., but I know that at times the plasma and platelets have to be worked with, and then there's the hope that my kidneys heal.

Be extremely careful of the meds you take.  A new pulmonologist had placed me on a 3 week regimen of Levaquin for bronchitis, that seems to have jumpstarted this episode, then the continuous IV of Vancomycin, finished the kidneys off almost.  They were totally dehydrated.

I think I've covered the gist of this latest health problem.  Oh, at first I was diagnosed with c:diff.  This is another superbug that is difficult to heal, and I read that the hospitals are rampant with it.

Sorry for the length, but this is why I've been absent for a while.  Work hard to keep healthy folks!

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