Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Replacing the Roof

We've been in our home since December of 2000, and it is time for a new roof. Over the years a few shingles have blown off or just come loose.  We've had several repairmen tell us that our shingles were not put on correctly when the house was built.  They are architectural shingles, and were laid wrong, looking like a ladder type pattern rather than how they should have looked.  We were also told that the roofing nails used, were too short!  

So the roofers are here today to replace the shingles.  We had been discussing that we would have to do this sooner rather than later, but what got us on the move was a leak that had come through on my dining room ceiling, leaving a large yellow circle, probably 5"x12".  Just happened to look up one morning, and there it was.  Now that made me sick!! Water was getting in around one of the dormers.  The roofer came while I was in the hospital and clear  caulked around all the dormers so we wouldn't have more leaks, and that helped.

The dormers are a problem too, because the builder didn't lift them off the roof decking.  So the water travels right down the edges of the dormers and they need some of the hardiplank replaced and need to be lifted a bit to prevent this.

They say they will only be here a couple of days!  It's amazing how quickly they work. They were right  it took only 2 days.

Today we have a huge dumpster and it is getting filled quickly.    I chose architectural shingles again in a dark color, mixture of gray/black.  I'm so excited to get this repair done.

You know I was thinking I don't remember my parents ever having to replace a roof.  Things lasted longer back then, I think.  Of course the fact that the first roofer obviously didn't have a clue what he was doing played a part in the problems. I just wonder how it passed inspection! 

The leak was around the far right dormer.

Roofers have to have nerves of steel.  If I had to climb on top of my house, I'd have cardiac arrest for sure!

old shingles coming off

Putting down new sheathing.  None of the decking had to be replaced!

These big repairs can get expensive! I'd like to have the interior of the house painted next, and SOME DAY have my kitchen revamped.  I know neither will happen soon.  The roof took priority, as it should.

Preparing to remove and replace a roof, sure can wreak havoc on your yard around the house.  They've been very careful, but took apart my little garden area, moved my birdbath, everything off my little stoop, and it's all lined up beside the drive.  I'll be glad to get it all put back in place!

 The main part of roof is replaced.
 Finally Completed


So glad this is over!  We've been dreading it for a long time.

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