Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Couple of Changes in the Master

Today, I was in the mood to make something, so I made a runner for the side table, and a pillow cover for the bed that blends in much better than what I had been using.

Then, I brought in this runner for the night stand.

I've had this piece of fabric for some time, found at GW, of course.  I think that goes without saying!!  While making a runner for the table on my side of the bed, I decided I would make a cover for the pillow on the bed.  I used another scrap of the same fabric, and then cut a piece of eyelet from a scrap of dust ruffle, to give it a little something extra.

I had made these curtains for underneath the table a few weeks ago, and finally found a tension rod that fit underneath the table like I wanted from the beginning.  The runner is the same fabric. The curtains hide the bipap supplies, like gallons of distilled water for its humidifier.
The bipap machine looks horrible sitting beside the bed, but it is a necessity for me at night.  No sleep without it.  

I made a vanity area in the corner of the master, and love having it there.  I have a vanity in the bath, but the light isn't as good, and I have a spot for all my junk!!  This allows the vanity in the bathroom to stay clean and organized.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

A Minimalist I Am Not

I really, really meant to  keep fall decorations low key this year, fewer, more neutral, yada, yada.  Did I?  No!  I keep bringing items up from the basement, and am constantly re-arranging them, and if that weren't enough, I've been buying more!  Now, I'm thinking, I'm going to pull everything off the shelves, tables, etc., and try again, to use fewer items!!  The sign above is from Hobby Lobby with 40% off coupon, around $11.00. 

I found this wreath at GW the other day for $4.54 less 25%.  For the price, I thought it looked good.  I made a new ribbon for it and switched out what I had on the front door to this one.

A Good Will pear and dish

I simply liked the colors, and the way these 2 items looked together.

Canvas I painted, "gather" and of course a pumpkin.  I covered the inside of this crate with chicken wire pattern wallpaper, 2 nice picks from Hobby Lobby, and Dollar Tree pumpkins.  The pedestal holding the green pumpkin is 2 candle holders glued together.

I found this aqua and gold frame at GW also.  It's very heavy, and I switched the picture of the chicken on the blue chair to this frame.  Actually, the "picture" is vinyl, like some kind of wall covering.  I really like it in this frame.

I couldn't believe I found this baby calf for my "Daisy".  

Hope you have a great week and enjoy the fall season.  Have you done your decorating?

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Updating Old Tables & Lamps

I've been busy for a couple of days making some changes to some of my small tables and lamps.  Both are easy DIY projects that don't take very long, and you get immediate results.

One night last week, I came across this scrap of cloth in green and rust that I had left over from recovering Grandmother Cherri's old antique rocker.  I decided it was probably just enough fabric to cover the lamp shade on a lamp in the master.

This was a total "no-sew" project.  I cut a pattern from cardboard for the shade, then cut 4 pieces.  I pinned the 4 pieces on and then with the strips I had left, I glued those on to the area where each of the 4 panels met.

I used left over acrylic craft paint in Antique Copper to paint the lamp. 

I repainted the table as well.  It belonged to my grandmother and has been every color imaginable.  It was one of my first chalk paint projects and I used dark wax on it.

Most recently it was a beige color with grain sack stripes.  Now it's Wythe Blue, also a left over paint.

I use the area under the table to store my bipap supplies, distilled water, etc.  So I took this piece of fabric and hemmed all the way around the fabric, then hung to the outside edge of the table.  This was the shortest tension rod I could find, and it was too long for the area under the table, where I wanted it to be.  I happened to have the rod holders in a "junk" drawer, so I "made it work".

I found this cute sign at Dollar General, and hung it above the table and lamp.

The lamp before the makeover:

Table before painting it Wythe Blue:

I used the same Wythe Blue paint to give this table a little update.

There isn't a lot of difference in the color of the paint, but the drawer front is now painted as well.  The original blue was Annie Sloan chalk paint in French blue.

None of these projects took long at all, and all were updated with supplies I already had on hand.

What have you updated recently?

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Small Items From Good Will

Being the Good Will addict that I am, I'd like to share some of my recent home decor items with you.  

 This turquoise plate is the perfect color for my decor.
I love this small tote.  I picked up one that was larger in green, but by the time I got ready to leave, I put a few things back.  It was really nice, but I have 3 or 4 now and don't need to keep bringing them home.

This small lamp reminds me of those from years ago.  It was around $5. I painted the trim and drawer on this table earlier this week with left over Wythe Blue (BM).  I didn't get it in the shot but the picture above it has some purple, so I made this vignette in purple.

 I was thrilled to find this old fashioned candle holder, blue and white, especially.  It's on the hoosier/hutch in the mud room.

Back view
 This cage came  in a rusty color, but you know I had to paint it.  I found it on 2 different shelves, with 2 prices, obviously someone didn't know it was to go together.  All total, I think I gave around $6.  It's very heavy and I know I will enjoy it for a long time.

This silky runner is probably 84" long, but since I'm using it in the breakfast nook, I folded the center.  I don't believe it had ever been used.  I chose it because it reminds me of the rug underneath the table.

See rug below:

This is all I have on the coffee table now, and even though I've tried to minimize my fall decor, I haven't been too good at doing it.  I keep picking up something and changing things around.

I found my color in this basket.  It holds cook books on the hoosier/hutch.

I came across this sign and hung it above the laundry room door.

I moved the large arrangement I made to the dining table, along with a variety of fall colored pieces.

Living Room

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sharing the Front Flower Garden

We don't have lots of trees around our house and since Irma swept through here, I'm really happy we don't.  At our old house, built in 1977, we were in the center of large, OLD, oak trees that were constantly presenting problems for us.  We had 4 fall into the pool at one time, taking down a new fence with them.  On the same day one fell on each side of the house clipping the gutters, but thankfully not hitting the roof.  Yet, we still had days and days of cleanup.  Luckily, we knew a man who would come and cut up the trees, for the wood.  He has a business where he sells the wood in the winter time, and is always glad to get it.  

This home has no trees nearby, saving us a lot of work and damage.  Many of our neighbors are not so lucky.  Our county was hit very hard, and people are still without power, tv, etc.  We were out of power for around 50 hours.  We lost some food, but even that was minimal compared to lots of folks.  We used coolers filled with ice, and also packed out refrigerator freezer with ice bags.  So we came out pretty good. I don't remember most hurricanes reaching so far inland.

Before the storms, I had taken some photos of the little spot at the front door that I call my flower garden.  It is filled with lava rock, and periwinkle grows up through it, so I use containers for flowers.  I found this sweet bird feeder at Tractor Supply Co.  (around $16).

My DIY fountain in the bird bath.
It makes a soothing noise hitting the beads in the old colander.

My coffee drinking spot

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