Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Couple of Changes in the Master

Today, I was in the mood to make something, so I made a runner for the side table, and a pillow cover for the bed that blends in much better than what I had been using.

Then, I brought in this runner for the night stand.

I've had this piece of fabric for some time, found at GW, of course.  I think that goes without saying!!  While making a runner for the table on my side of the bed, I decided I would make a cover for the pillow on the bed.  I used another scrap of the same fabric, and then cut a piece of eyelet from a scrap of dust ruffle, to give it a little something extra.

I had made these curtains for underneath the table a few weeks ago, and finally found a tension rod that fit underneath the table like I wanted from the beginning.  The runner is the same fabric. The curtains hide the bipap supplies, like gallons of distilled water for its humidifier.
The bipap machine looks horrible sitting beside the bed, but it is a necessity for me at night.  No sleep without it.  

I made a vanity area in the corner of the master, and love having it there.  I have a vanity in the bath, but the light isn't as good, and I have a spot for all my junk!!  This allows the vanity in the bathroom to stay clean and organized.

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